Arianny Celeste’s Elite Fighter Magazine Interview

Elite Fighter Magazine has a new writer, and we all know about her, it is Arianny Celeste. Arianny has their own “corner” with elite fighters Magazine where she talks about issues concerning their lives with the UFC. Some topics that they are so far addresses with interaction Fighters, Close Up, traveling, UFC is No. 1, Air Time. Arianny briefly addresses all these issues to take with their own. But they do not really go into details. For example, interaction with Fighters …

1. Interacting With Fighters
I get to meet some of the best athletes in the world, and I get to see their true sides. Everyone knows them as fighters, but they are human beings and normal people. I interact with them at a variety of places, including when we travel and do promotional tours.

How about some stories? What are some unique and interesting things that might only see a ring girl? Well, who knows that restrictions Arianny faces as a new columnist for the magazine. Hopefully they will be autonomous, that they must provide us with some Juicey stuff.