Legendary Fighters In Muay Thai


Ramon “The Diamond” Dekkers


Dutchman Ramon Dekkers is probably one of the best known European Thai boxers of all time and the first foreigner to be awarded a prize “Muay Thai Fighter of the Year” in Thailand. He has faced in the fights against the best Muay Thai fighters, including Coban, against whom Dekkers fought twice, first time Coban e knocked out in the first round, the next match between the two, however, Coban knocked Dekkers.During his career as a Muay Thai fighter, Dekkers participated in numerous tournaments around the world, winning several championships. Known as an experienced fighter with powerful punches and kicks, with a tendency to constantly compete na their opponents, that’s what makes it one of the largest animals to Thai audiences. Dekkers is an outstanding fighter and one of the few who has won quite Muay Thai champions, including Nangpon Nongeeb Pahuyuth during World Muay Thai Championship in Holland.
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