Marlon Sandro Vs. Pat Curran Bellator 48 Featherweight Fight Video Tourney Finale

The much-anticipated Fight has finally arrived: Marlon Sandro Vs. Pat Curran meet in the finals in the summer series Bellator lightweight race Saturday night MTV2. The action began in 21.00 clock ET.

Although lightweight title card will be UFC veteran with a variety of well-known who interrupted their Bellator debut. Ricco Rodriguez Seth Petruzelli need to catch at 230 pounds and heavyweight Paul Buentello facing Bellator champion Cole Konrad. Undefeated team Bombsquad light Rene nazare Juan Barrantes leaders to show off.
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Paul Buentello Vs. Cole Konrad Heavyweight Fight Video Bellator 48

Before the game and his schedule calls Bellator Heavyweight champion Konrad few days, Paul Buentello was forced to withdraw from a non-title bout. Bellator42, Buentello (29 〜 13) and Conrad (7-0) as the reason for withdrawing from, and due to back injury, will meet at a later date.
Buentello has fought to promote like Strike Force and UFC, was scheduled to have been in his debut on Saturday Bellator. Conrad was going to be making his first trip back to the cage Bellator heavyweight tournament since the inaugural winner last season to become the heavyweight champion of the first-ever promotion.
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Gina Carano Profile Wiki + Photos Gallery

Gina Carano was born April 16, 1982 an Italian-American model, actress, and a mixed martial artist. Carano appeared as the Gladiator “Crush” on American Gladiators. She has been referred to as the “face of women in MMA.” Carano was the former No. 3-ranked 145-pound boxer in the world as ranked by the Women’s Unified MMA.

Date of Birth:

Joy Carano was born April 16, 1982 in Dallas County, Texas.
MMA Organization:

Training Camp:

Carano now trains out of Xtreme Couture gym in Las Vegas, which is run by UFC Hall of Fame fighter, Randy Couture.
The face of female MMA:

Gina Carano is the daugher of Glenn Carano and Dana Cason. Given that his father was the backup quarterback for the Dallas Cowboys from 1977 to 83 and began a campaign for the USFL Pittsburgh Maulers, one can not be surprised to know that she became an outstanding athlete herself, is simply in their genes. But the fact that the woman they call “Conviction” became the most popular women in mixed martial arts fighter in the United States was not expected.
After all, women MMA is a relatively new thing.

Before the fight:

Carano is a graduate of Trinity High School in Las Vegas, Nevada, where she helped her basketball team at school to a state championship. He also attended the University of Nevada, Las Vegas for three years as a psychology student.
Martial Arts background:

Carano has experience in Muay Thai kickboxing, having trained under legendary Master Toddy. It has a professional record of 01.01.12 in Muay Thai, a style of care that emphasizes the use of the clinch, elbows, punches, kicks and knees.
She made the transition to MMA on June 10, 2006, defeating Pestova Leiticia knockout first round.

Fighting Style:

Carano clearly prefers to stand and bang with his opponents, using the skills of Muay Thai kickboxing from its background. She is also an outstanding athlete who uses athleticism and strength in his favor. Along with this, it hits hard.
Carano improved ground skills to the point where she defeated Tonya Evinger by Rear Naked Choke in September 2007. It also has solid defense disassembly.

Interesting facts:

Carano and Julie Kedzie when he fought in February 2007 for Showtime, was the first time that two women had appeared in a boxing or MMA in the network.
Carano served as a mentor to aspiring female kickboxers in the TV from the reality of oxygen, the girls fight.
Carano fought the first time sanctioned MMA bout in Nevada women, beating TKO Rosie Sexton.
Carano also known as “Crush” on the TV show American Gladiators.