CB Dollaway vs. Jared Hamman Fight Video UFC on Versus 5

Jared Hamman will make his middleweight debut against CB Dollaway in the preliminary card of UFC on Facebook Sunday night compared to 5 shown. The rest of the lineup Facebook discussed above.

“The Messenger” came the thunder, beginning his career with nine straight strikes, including a TKO of veteran Travis Wiuff and drowning current UFC heavyweight Aaron Rosa. Hamman to take a flying knee against POAI ShoXC Suganuma first defeat of his career, but two fights later avenge a first round beating in the rematch.
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Junie Browning vs Jacob Clark – MMA Fight Pit: Genesis

Farmington lightweight fighter Jacob Clark won his fight Saturday night against Browning “The Ultimate Fighter” alumnus June “Pit MMA fight:. Genesis”
Clark scored a submission victory when Browning gave his elbow hit the 4:18 mark of the first round.
“It comes from the elbows, but I think that damaged his ribs on one knee threw me when I was turtle,” said Clark.
It was Clark’s second win in his last three fights and was even more special as it was the first MMA card in his mouth fight.
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Houston Alexander vs Razak Al-Hassan Fight Video MMA Fight Pit: Genesis

In a mediocre main event at the conclusion of the first pay-per-view fight since the upstart MMA promotion Pozo fight Houston Alexander defeated Razak Al-Hassan, as the ringside physician checked the hand of Al-Hassan, after the second round and decided that Al-Hassan could not continue fighting for a dislocated finger.

The official result was a victory for second round TKO to Alexander, but the main event in MMA fighting pit: Genesis was not a great fight for Alexander. There was not much action, and fans in Albuquerque booed for much of the fight.
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