50 Cent ‘Get Up’ UFC 91 Song (Video)

50 Cent’s new song called ‘Get Up’ which will be featured at UFC 91.

8 thoughts on “50 Cent ‘Get Up’ UFC 91 Song (Video)”

  1. Not a big fan of 50 cent. Wouldnt mind listening to it tho, its just a song to get people amped up. Cant hate on the man, life is one big hustle and weather you like him or not, 50 cent is a business man.

  2. All he talks about is HIM i didn’t hear anything about MMA…… You need Metallica or some good metal band to make a fight song…….. All rappers do is self promote. 50 SUX

  3. “Get your hands up in the air and wave em like you just don’t care, GET UP, Dana White asked me to write a song two days ago for this saturday and he likes rap from 1983 like Run DMC so GET UP”LOL

  4. 50 Cent did this song like 3 months ago, you guys are late, its called a club song, if you would ever get off your ass/computer and go to a club you would see.

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