Affliction Banned Countdown And Stadium Preview Videos

Videos of the countdown to the July 19th Affliction Banned event, Tim Sylvia talking about his upcoming fight with Fedor Emelianenko, and a stadium preview for the Affliction event.

Affliction Banned

Countdown to Affliction Banned
[youtube Xo38PTglLiQ Countdown to Affliction Banned]

Tim Sylvia talks Fedor Emelianenko fight
[youtube OlT8bM0A6YE Tim Sylvia]

Affliction Banned Stadium Preview
[youtube lvAm64SSBW0 Affliction Banned Stadium Preview]

2 thoughts on “Affliction Banned Countdown And Stadium Preview Videos”

  1. Guys falling through the ropes, stoppages on the ground and attempts to put the fighters back in the same position in the center of the ring! Ridiculous, rings are for boxing all mma fights should be in a cage!

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