Alexis Davis vs Amanda Nunes Fight Video Strikeforce Heavyweight Grandprix

Round 1: Nunes comes with hard straight punches. Immediately it in the middle of the cage with Davis always the worst. Davis is just eating shots and tried to grab, hold Nunes and deposed them. They protect against the cage clinch, dirty boxing are both working. Nunes is true for the single leg and Davis puts down against the fence. Davis struggles to her feet, and they cling to the cage just before they return to trading punches. Both women score with strikes. Davis to begin that work good jab, while Nunes continues to be the right handgun. They clinch again briefly on the cage. Nunes’ technology is starting to go out the window and Davis is still wade forward. They work against the cage until the round end.

scores the round 10-9 for Nunes


Round 2: Both women look punctured in the second. Davis gets right into Nunes’ face and her back in the cage with punches. Davis is standing Nunes’ take back and lands on his back against the fence. She goes for the low-and completes it, Nunes pulled down. They fight for position against the fence, Davis landed some nice knees with her arms clasped around Nunes’ body. They are separated and brought back into the middle. Both unloading punches, but Davis quickly latches onto Nunes and pushes them back into the fence, where she goes to her knees and dirty boxing work on. Nunes lands a nice throw, as they move from the fence, but Davis rolls through and ends up on Nunes, where she goes to work with ground and pound. Davis gets support with just over a minute and a half, she takes it wanders back and in the middle of the cage. Davis goes to work with strikes from the top until the referee is forced to call an end to things.

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