Ali Sonoma … After UFC News

Ali Sonoma … After UFC News


It’s been a few months since Ali Sonoma has left the UFC and the new UFC Octagon Girl Edith Larente / Edith Larenta has filled in for her. So,
what has Ali been up to since leaving the UFC? Although we don’t know exactly, we’ll make some inferences based on recent photo shoots posted online. First off, she’s broadened her portfolio with some excellent shots taken by Michael Rosen Photography, as pictured on the right. She’s additionally modeled for Racer X Brand, aka, and showed off some tee’s that can currently be seen on the homepage of Racer X and pictured below as an animated gif. She’s done a bikini shoot and… She modeled for Throwdown MMA gear company who’s currently doing some promo stuff with Mirko Cro Crop, Quinton Rampage Jackson, Randy Couture, Chuck Liddell and Cung Le.  Check out the pics below.


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