Ali Sonoma UFC Octagon Girl Profile

Ali Sonoma
Blast from the Past
November 2010

Stats: 34-24-34
Height: 5’7″ | Hair: Blonde | Eyes: Blue/Green

Ali Sonoma is one of our favorite models. We met her in Los Angeles and photographed her for her first Featured Model shoot that appeared in October 2008. Ali has since been one of our most popular models. She then went on to become a UFC Octagon Girl and gained thousands more fans.
We caught up with her in Miami earlier this year and arranged a follow-up shoot. We got some incredible photos in a condo in Miami Beach with an amazing balacony overlooking the water and the city. It was the perfect setting. We also got more photos of Ali next to a black Ferrari, so check back soon for those photos.
As you cans see from the pictures, Ali is very serious about staying in great shape. Along with her killer body, she has a beautiful face and an even better personality! Hope you enjoy the photos.


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16 thoughts on “Ali Sonoma UFC Octagon Girl Profile”

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  8. this was just a one time deal and Ali would be back soon, I’m here to burst your bubble. Here’s a note from her mcypase: “I am no longer a ring girl for UFC…I am proud to say I am moving up to bigger and better

  9. that’s a cool way to print them! i need some ink for my printer so i can get piintrng! i did the photos for 6 days out of 7. not too bad, but i have journaling for the 7th day! you can see them on my blog! i had an absolutely great time doing this, this past weeK! i hope you share how you put yours when the album is finished!tara

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  11. i am DYING! her eyes are SO bright and so beiufatul and i love her in the hello sunshine bag, i just want to squeeze the heck out of her amazing thighs you did a great job showing the clarity of her eyes!!

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  14. Jaime..your photos conintue to amaze me. Long before you became a professional photographer, you have always had a natural ability to capture personalities and special moments in your photos people feel at ease around you. This is not to take away from the subject matter of course Becky and Bryce you both look incredible and like you really belong together! God bless you

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