6 thoughts on “Alistair Overeem Vs. Gary Goodridge Glory 10 Video”

  1. Goodridge needs to call it quits seriously, close your gym up and set up a bench press in your garage or something. He would actually be a good fight for Kimbo lol in my opinion.

  2. Yeah, might be best if Goodridge retired. But how about Overeem, he’s finally either found good coaches, or started seriously workin, i mean this guy has gotten so much better during the past couple years…right ?

  3. Yeah he was so inconsistent in PRIDE. At least now he’s winning fights constantly rather than winning then losing then winning.

  4. The answer to why Overeem is so much better is simple: He’s fighting as a heavyweight finally, which is where he should have been in PRIDE. Overeem is getting better and better because he’s been fighting non-stop for the last two years. It’s giving him an advantage over every opponent that he lines up; he knows his weaknesses and he’s sticking to his advantages and a dominant gameplan every time he steps in the ring.

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