Anderson Silva At The Spike Guy’s Choice Awards Video

Anderson SilvaVideo of Silva accepting the award for the most dangerous man in the world.

[dailymotion x5vzfs nolink]

7 thoughts on “Anderson Silva At The Spike Guy’s Choice Awards Video”

  1. Ya Anderson Silva is amazing, u cant doubt that. but the man who should have won this should have been Fedor Emelianenko because he is the only man who looks like he is a little overweight, not even close 2 looking like a fighter. But will destroy and make even the best look like Amateurs

  2. Anomie, Anderson has fought the best in his weight category, he is the best pound for pound in the world make no mistakes.

  3. Silva would destroy Wanderlei. Get a little weight on him and he’ll beat everyone in the LHW division, too. He should change his nickname to Anderson “Rip Your Face Off” Silva, “The Baddest MF in the World”.

    Just my opinion, though

  4. Fedor demolished Tim ‘Im a giant’ Silvia in 36 seconds… But I think Anderson deserved that award. ******* brutal fighter.

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