157 thoughts on “Anderson Silva Vs. Patrick Cote UFC 90 Video”

  1. OMG I am first….I don’t know what to say!!!! This is so cool everybody will see my words. Soon the world will will know my name and cry IROOTOKO IROOTOKO IROOTOKO. THIS IS THE BEST DAY OF MY LIFE!! YEEEHAAA!!

  2. Beautiful to watch! Most fun fight EVER!!!!!! Too bad about the injury, but that was really fun. Silva fought on cruise control. It reminded me of watching myself play good old street fighter 2 after I had completely mastered the game. I could just play around with it bc I knew that I could beat the game easily so I could just mess with the game real relaxed and stuff. Every so often land a big shot. Greatness. Anderson Silva is IMO the greatest fighter EVER!!!! Judging by fighting ability and supernatural powers or something.

  3. whoever says the card was crap….fk you. it was as stacked as you can get…. well except for ultimate 2008… it was just awesome watching anderson dance.

  4. lol i love this one guy in the comments comparing his Street Figther 2 parlay with Anderson Silva’s fight scheme hahahaha the analogy is just ****** hilarious….

    but yea good fight. I was really rootin for Cote I really think if anyone can beat Silva, it’s Cote.

  5. Damn…!This fight was trash! Silva was acting like a dancing fool and totally unprofessional! If he had ANY skill he woulda taken out Cote in the early rounds, instead of “prancing like a fairy” and “swatting like a kitten”! The UFC is going the route of EliteXL! Hopefully! Both FAKE and PLANNED as ****! WTF kinda main bout was this? Reminds me of the Kimbo disatster! Stupid Silva is WORTHLESS!!!

  6. ohhh man, that’s really gotta suck for Cote. I hope he gets another chance against Silva. Props to him for making it to round 3.

  7. I believe Cote got the fight just to shut him up. Now, he’s put himself below a hell of a lot of fighters. He should continue to train with GSP and get better on the ground and muay thai.

    I agree that Silva wasn’t really fighting. Cote is good and I like him a lot, but Silva just has more experience and better technique.

    Kiss my arse but I’d like to see Anthony Johnson fight Silva. Or Cung Le. Or Kimbo. No **** you.

  8. I didn’t actually get to see what happened to his leg.
    The second video was taken off, or something, so it was “no longer available”.

    So his knee popped? That’s awful. I hope he gets another shot.

  9. the crowd are idiots is all i could say. they can’t appreciate the best fighter in the world giving them a show. he does what he does best, dance, move, counter and knock you the **** out.

  10. The crowd at Chicago today demonstrated that UFC fans are not real combat sports fans; they’re just doltards who look for any excuse to drink, and are too impatient and unaware of pugilistic prowess to appreciate a good fight. However, I think Silva is demonstrating his displeasure with the UFC, albeit in a subtle way. He could leave and go to boxing and make more than 10 times his whole UFC contract with one fight. Tyson made $30 000 000 with one fight against Buster Douglas. He could probably make the same with his match with Roy Jones Jr. How much does Silva make per fight in the UFC? Around $100 000?

  11. was a good fight both men where trying to pick there shots rather than be what drunk fans and idiots would rather see and thats just swing like tarzan from a tree until somebody drops!!!
    some1 said anderson was dancing like a fairy?!? do u know what mma is he dispayed exellent capoira, boxin and muay thai all in part 1 if u look closer!!!
    shame bout patricks leg dont think we will see a rematch anderson is gonna retire in another 5 fights(when his contrat expires)

  12. @cr trinity

    i think silva will probably make 300k this fight + he gets a percentage of the ppv buys + sponsors. that’s not as good as boxing but thats a hell lot more than what i make a year haha.

  13. Cote is lucky his knee blew out cause silva was toying with him the whole fight and was about to finish him in the third round.I would have liked to have seen silva drop his a ss…COULD ONLY FIND IT HERE thanx for posting this 1.

  14. most of you here are idiots and have no real fighting comprehension….”silva was acting like a dancing fool” and other related comments… in reality, in combat, it’s a form of deception to lure an attacker to strike so that he may gain a countering opportunity.

    but ya…sux it had to go down like that, but IMO Silva would have won anyways…no offense to Cote. Silva’s skill(due to experience and knowledge) and punishment tolerance, surpasses Cote’s…but, his endurance/fitness was evenly matched to Silva’s. And had Cote survived, Silva would have won the favor of the judges.

    In case of a rematch, I believe Cote would be destroyed…and again, no offense. The facts are clear…to the less ignorant…

    Franklin vs Cote…would be a more suitable bout for either fighters…but I guess since(one of Dana’s pets) Franklin had a second shot…perhaps it would be less insulting for Cote to get his…as futile it may be…

    Also….eagerly awaiting a Fedor vs Randy fight….my only concern with this one though, is Fedor’s scar tissue above his (right?)eye, which has opened up numerous times and resulted in his one loss to blemish his “could have been” perfect career. But, Randy’s chin has proven weak vs many opponents, like Chuck Lidell to name one. And Fedor’s punches, easily makes Lidell’s hits seem “school-girlish”…sorry Chuck, but Fedor has beastly punching power…

    Anyways….unless Randy quits the UFC again(as a result in fear of being annihilated…), my predictions for this fight are:
    1: Quick, Fedor KO-ing Randy early…
    2: Quick, Fedor Submitting Randy early…
    3: Not that quick, Fedor doing #1 or #2
    4: Long(and possibly QUITE entertaining), Randy clinching angainst the fences, while trying to open up some cuts on Fedor.(or the other way around?)
    5: A WAR…

    but whatever the outcome….should be grizzly…Hopefully :)

  15. ok if silva was the greatest p4p how did a guy with a record of 4-4 lol 4-4 make it to the third round in my opinon u shouldnt see a fighter with that kind of record face a guy like silva so right there proves silva is not as great as most people think only in ufc a person with that kind of record can go for the champ lol lolololol.

  16. I’m really thinking silva makes alot more than that. I saw an interveiw and liddel said that he made millions in his last fight

  17. Some of you people are unbelievable, If Silva would have won in the first round you would be praising him but beacause he was putting on a show and didnt get to finish the fight you doubt him, WOW you are band wagon bit-chs….

    Ill tell you this there was no way Cote was gonna win that fight and Im a fan of Cote but Silva is a Monster, Silva was trying to put on a show after all thats what people came to see if he knew Cotes kneee was gonna give out im sure he would have been more aggressive..

    That was the best thing that happend to Cote be can go back and train, his confidence is peakng being the only guy to go to the third round.. He’ll come back stronger and Silva wont waste him time next time..

  18. Silva was dissin Cote the whole way, Cote not enough experience to fight silva. He did great with for his level. I don’t think George st pierre would do well with Silva. thats why they haven’t fought. UFC has to protect their cash cow.

  19. how do you get a good fight silva ran like a punk a scared little punk looking for a payday he is a good fighter but he didnt fight he ran like a PUNK

  20. I never realized how many trolls commented on the videos here. My favourite has to be SageKills, who can’t spell for crap and compared UFC to Elite XL (WTF?) and said Anderson Silva is worthless. LOL

  21. Hey man, watch what you say !!! I’m from chicago, and we are all about full contact sports (huge football fans, but me personaly, mma). So, don’t be so quick to judge. Anyway, my opinion on ufc90 is that the card was not pay per view worthy, first of all, i’m not an anderson silva fan, don’t care about cote what so ever, alves and koscheck…exceptable. With that said, it should have been shown on spike for free. Give silva a real match for christ sake (henderson should have won) !!! 185 has nothing but undercard fighters !!! God when will everyone look outside the box !!! (example), most ANYONE in 170 moves up to 185, most ANYONE moves down form 205, then, then silva will be put in his place, as a mediocher fighter. (examples), gsp, liddell, penn, jackson, any other silva, evans, griffen, shogun, ortiz, for god sake even jardin

  22. continued…..hughs, perisian, alves, sanchez, i could go on, but everyone gets my point. So wake up and stop sweating anderson silva !!!!

  23. Anderson Silva is an incredible fighter and that was a great fight between two highly skilled guys. Cote is no push over, but Silva was essentially untouchable. That’s how GOOD Silva is. It’s almost impossible to land a hit on him. Cote has a monster chin and can take serious beats as he demonstrated by sucking up a couple of huge knees in the first round. For ANYONE to be trash talking either of those guys is retarded. If you didn’t think that was a good fight you don’t know what you’re talking about. You’re probably one of the people that considers the Fry vs Takayama fight to be the greatest MMA fight ever. Retards.

  24. i think silva should have just k’d him out in the first round then none of this would have happend, never got to see the second round so i cant say how the fight went cuz nothing really happend in the first all did was prolong the mans destruction. better be a rematch silva just probl. knock him out in the first next time.

  25. what a terrible fight, if silva would’ve actually done anything this would’ve been over in the first, i wish cote would’ve caught him and knocked him out while he was showing off, too bad for him, i live in chicago and almost went to this ppv, instead i decided not to even order it, and im sooooooooo glad

  26. what happened to part 2, i was at work and i missed the fights is there a site that anyone knows about where i can see it?? thanks

  27. this guy anderson silva remind me sugar rey leonard !! i think you right my friend tryniti he can make more money boxing i think ufc is robbing people !! good fighters

  28. Yea well i actually like fights in anything from dream to pride to UFC but silva was relaxed and calm and tried to get in cote’s head and he probly would of stepped it up if he could have….

  29. Anderson is the king of mma **** all the haters get used to it he aint goin no where he has more skill than all the people in ufc together

  30. Sage Kills had ONE good point. I believe that Silva is so good that there are not any opponents out there right now who can beat him. So, Dana needed to make sure that the fight lasted longer than one round and probably had Silva carry Cote for a couple rounds. I agree that he could have done a little better job of doing that. He made it pretty obvious. I believe Cote is an excellent fighter, but he is not the caliber fighter that Silva is.
    Sage Kill is wrong about Silva being worthless though. He is one of the most respected and dominating fighters in the world. He brings in the fans. Big $$$$$. I just wished I was half as worthless as Silva if that was the case. :)
    I am sorry that Cote had the injury though. I would love to have seen the end of the fight. I am sure he will be back again to fight Silva.

  31. I think Silva only acted the way he did because the U.F.C. gave him way too easy of an opponent. Cote is tough yes, but seriously we’re speaking of (maybe) the greatest fighter of all time. He was just acting out, and showing his ass a little. I mean if you put a 14 year old in front of me the same thing would happen. But because of the way the fight ended ther will without a doubt be a rematch and Silva will show his real-self in that fight. Any time he wanted to he connected, his kick and knee counts were higher than Cotes total striking stats. Anyhow next time you can guarantee vegas a first round knock out or tko. AND THAT IS A GUARANTEE.

  32. I think if the fight would have gone longer, it would have become more entertaining. However, it was quite boring until that point and at that I disagree with the comment that it would have been finished by silva in the 3rd. I think cote was the first person so far who has been patient and really didn’t give silva too much to shoot at. In saying that I still think silva would have won, just not in the 3rd.

  33. Hey anonymous, Cote’s record is 14-4 not 4-4. The guy had a pretty good win streak going before this fight. So learn the facts before posting nonsense.

  34. gracias a todos los administradores y personas de este sitio gracias a ustedes siempre puedo disfrutar de estos gladiadores gracis maestros

  35. Still, knowbody understands. Anderson Silva has not had a real match yet !!! Cote ?? R U 4 real !?!?! Henderson, Marquet, and Franklin were his most challenging matchups ever, and they’re not realy that great. Again, everyone needs to look outside the box. Anderson silva top 10 ?? Yes. Number 1 !?!? You need to wake up

  36. Unfortunate. Cote did take him to the 3rd round. But the facts still remain. Silva won both rounds and when he did attack, landed. When Cote attacked, it didnt really phase Silva. Ive been reading columns saying to get Silva real opponents and he’s overrated. Think again. Silva did not look like he slowed down any. And until he is beaten, no column or report should talk otherwise. To be the man, you have to beat the man.

  37. You guys are dumb dumbs to think that silva was dancing, i train mma and what silva did was total stand up domination . think about it out of 100 of punches and kicks that cote threw he landed like 3 weak ones and silva out like 20 he landed like 18 strong ones, so imagine if he would have thrown as many as cote .the point is ,he was trying to give the fans a good show of excellent stand up skills . this goes to show you that you dont have to swing for the fences all the time to win a fight. Even though he didnt win the way he always does, he would have if it wasnt for the injury. hopefully cote gets better because he is a good fighter but not on the same level as silva.

  38. at least cote tried to get back up ……………………….sure glad i didnt ordered the fight i wouldve been mad …………………….

    i just cant imagine cote beating silva but i guess we will never know ….

    i wish it was a little more fast paced but thanks for posting =)

  39. What the hell is up with Joe Rogan’s facial hair. It reminds me when Peter Griffen grew out his beard and had birds living in it.

  40. That’s funny when you guys say that anderson silva is the pound for pound best in the world. Dana only started saying that about anderson because eveyone wants to see Fedor and he got jealous. Anderson is so overrated. He hasn’t fought no top competition in the ufc or his record might not be so perfect. Cote you are a chump go back to where you come from you crybaby. Walk that **** off.

  41. it would’ve been silva vs okami had okami not broken his hand… i think the idea of avenging his loss to okami would’ve made for a better fight.

  42. To bad for Cote. He was putting a good fight…tough I have to agree with scott, Silva was just acting out…if he had wanted to end the fight he would have…he just didn’t have enough time!! Bad attitude by the Chicago people…

  43. para que siva este entre los mejores luchadoder de la historia debe derrotar a los mejores en dsu divicion como fedor lo a hecho, deberia ser capas de derrotar a cung , paulo filho y bisping entre otros

  44. fedor es el numero 1, solo a perdido una vez y por un corte accidental en cambio silva a perdido 4 veces y entre estas a sido sometido

  45. man!!!!!!!!!!! i wanted cote to win so bad even if i love silva. but its true silva should’nt make fun of cote the whole fight. for some reason i want to see silva lose bad.

  46. omg.. patrick cote’s injury just make me so sad.. i’m huge fan of Patrick Cote and Anderson Silva too, but his injury.. he trained so hard for this…

  47. fedor is the best, fedor has defeated all best fighters of his weight, however silva do not have fight with cung le, paulo filho, or Akiyama, in addition silva has lost 4 times and has been submitted by ryo chonan a second fighter.


  49. Anderson wasn’t toying around with him. He respected his KO power. He was throwing feints, changing stances, circling and dodging. He was being very cautious, as he always is. Always feeling his opponent out for minutes at a time. Look at all of his previous fights again. Irvin, Hendo, Marquardt, Franklin, Lutter, Always the same pattern.

    Much respect to Cote. That guy was probably in enormous pain. Just stood back up and tried to keep going. if Herb didn’t call it, he’d a kept fighting. Hope he heals soon.

  50. Everyone is disappointed with A.Silva Saaying he ran like a ***** and he cuts weight,
    First of all I didnt see him run away, I seen him get into a situation and protected himself, He won both rounds and ill bet the third wouldnt have lastest long before he finished it…
    Second every fighter cuts weight I cant believe there are people even commenting on that if you dont see that you have to cut weight in order to compete at that level dont even comment on here you dont know shit about MMA…
    So stop doubting this guy he’s without a doubt the best and he’ll prove it again and again and when he does your tone will change again and again…
    To the true silva fans he’ll be back to prove why he’s P4P the best fighter in the world

    That was a the most boring fight ever. Thank god I didn’t have to pay for it. Silva might be one of the best but if I didn’t know that and this was the first fight I ever watched of him… I’d think he sucked and was gay dancing around like that. For a true champion, watch the last fight with GSP vs. Jon Fitch. That was all heart for five rounds for both fighter. For those Silva lovers out there, expect a little more from your champ. Cause he’s was the one getting BOOOOOOOOOD!

  52. The only reason u lasted 3 rounds is because u guys were danceing around like a bunch of fairys, the whole fight was trash UFC should give everyone who paid for that crap a refund, I mean lets be honest did anyone actually pay to watch that?, MMA died when Pride was bought out, other than that the only thing that makes this fight evean more horrible is haveing to hear that piece of crap who dosen’t know a damn thing about MMA “Joe I Dont Know What The Hell Im Talking About Rogan” do the commentary on it.

  53. “You guys are dumb dumbs to think that silva was dancing, i train mma and what silva did was total stand up domination . think about it out of 100 of punches and kicks that cote threw he landed like 3 weak ones and silva out like 20 he landed like 18 strong ones, so imagine if he would have thrown as many as cote .the point is ,he was trying to give the fans a good show of excellent stand up skills . this goes to show you that you dont have to swing for the fences all the time to win a fight. Even though he didnt win the way he always does, he would have if it wasnt for the injury. hopefully cote gets better because he is a good fighter but not on the same level as silva.”
    @ yo


  54. I think that Cote is tough, he’s a hell of a fighter. Would he have beat Silva in a full fight, i think no, but he is tough. As far as card strength goes, it’s tough to have stacked cards every time when you do not have enough really good talent and then you try to have a PPV every month. Dana needs to slow it down a little bit.

  55. Im sorry..I aint hardly ever left too many comments on any website in the past but reading some of this is some of the dumbest stuff ive ever seen..I do mma, i won a national title for amateurs so I know a little about it..Anderson isnt quite my favorite fighter but hes up there..he wasnt running or actin like a punk or ***** like some said..Hes the type striker that mma and boxing calls a counter striker..Anderson was trying to get his distance and timing like he always does and wear him down..everytime cote threw a punch, when anderson countered he did more damage..he was movin and dancing to get angles and try to give something to think about and watch while setting up his strikes..everytime he hurt cote he tried to finish it..hes a finisher..watch the leben,frankiln,marquardt,franklin 2, hendo, and irvin fights..Any little opening and your gone..even on the ground..He’s tied lbs 4 lbs w Fedor..Henderson and franklin are great fighters..Think, henderson took the heavyweight champ minotauro to a draw, beat wanderlei, and come close with rampage and has beaten many others..marquardt is an 8 or 9 time king of pancrase which is crazy and the only reason people thinks there’s no middleweight competition is b/c anderson is that far ahead..everyone else has looked like ants compared to him..thats a fact

  56. After rewatching this, I remember why I still think Fedor is p4p the best in the world. No matter who he fights, he makes them look like a complete amateur and destroys them. Also he doesn’t “elusive” anything, he just pwns the hell out of you.

  57. I know anderson didnt do too much in this fight..he played it amart and didnt take the chance of getting knocked out..he was a little too cautious but when he did move it was devastating as always..normally he’s more aggressive, hurts u, and finishes u..I also agree with zzz…Fedor isnt my favorite bc he’s been hurt in so many fights but he had more heart than anybody..i dont think hes human lol..and when he gets his offense going he doesnt slow down and is relentless..he beats the **** out of people..he and anderson are 2 totally different fighters but theyre both the top..fedor and anderson are the only 2 fighters who can dominate anyone in there weightclass at any given time

  58. “what a shame the card was crap.”
    really? I thought the Sherk/Griffin and Alves/Koscheck were good fights. Not great but certainly not crap.

    “Kiss my arse but I’d like to see Anthony Johnson fight Silva. Or Cung Le. Or Kimbo. No **** you.”
    Anderson would school all of them.

    “Anderson is so overrated. He hasn’t fought no top competition in the ufc or his record might not be so perfect. Cote you are a chump go back to where you come from you crybaby. Walk that **** off.”
    Hasn’t fought top competition? Henderson, Marquardt, Franklin don’t count as top competition? Come on. And Cote’s injury can’t just be walked off, he could barely stand after that.

    Some of you people are worse than those Chicago fans.

  59. Everyone here is correct saying that Silva was untouchable. Well he was cowardly running away from the fight and that is why he was untouchable. I could have kick his ass if he was doing that to me.

  60. I agree with badazz. I think Silva was scare of my punches. He should be happy that my ankle went out on me. I was executing my gameplan and was having good success against Silva. Maybe I get another shot so I can finish what I started. The belt will be mine since I will be even more confident fighting Silva. Thank you fans for supporting me!!!

  61. I love you Cote. Call me I can nurse you back to health again :)

    You are the #1 fighter out there and not to mention the best looking stud.

  62. i read someones comment that said if anyone can beat silva its cote. i completley disagree, cote cant beat him. The only one that can beat him is dan henderson. i really wanna see that rematch. i bet it will be next for silva if not a 205 pounder

  63. Hands down…Kimbo can take all the kicks of Silva and then KO silva with one hit. Kimbo is the best P4P out there. Wait till he gets into UFC cuz he will rule there.

  64. I dont believe it !!!! silva was shaping him up probs wud of finished it in 3rd round. Shame 4 cote tho rematch shud happen and shud be gud! hopefully bettr than this and bettr ending!!!! Kool fight
    BRING ON COUTURE VS LESNAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  65. I dont know who said kimbo was the best but u obviously dont know nothing at all about mma..kimbo sucks s***..He just got knocked out by a guy who fought in the ufc n lost both times to lesser opponents..Kimbo would be a better boxer..If you watch his 2nd in mma fight he actually tapped in a standing guillotine, the owner of elite xc actually stood him out in the post fight press conference..If he fought anybody in the UFC he’d get murdered..Silva fought a smart fight.One guy even said HE would kick andersons *** for standing and plotting..man wake the **** up..The only reason people say there are no great middleweights is because anderson is so far ahead od the rest..Hes out struck the strikers and out grappled the grapplers..and did it all in style..thats why hes pound for pound b/c hes farther ahead of his division than anyone else (except fedor)

  66. God..im at the training center right now…i just got through w my wourkout n my mma coach cant get over the kimbo thing from KimboDaBeast: he said go to youtube and watch kimbo taps out (that was in his 2nd mma fight) and watch kimbo versus sean gannon in the street fight.gannon was the only guy he fought that did mma and he(Kimbo) got beat down..Petruzelli also finished him fast..Im bout to get to the house..Im exhausted..everyone have a good day

  67. Kimbo sucks! Not once has he defeated any elite fighter. Watch the kimbo vs james thompson fight, he was just purely pathetic… and now on petruzelli which just shows how much of a complete ignorant he is on mma.
    And about Anderson silva, he wasn’t dancing. To let you newby know thats called footwork that gave him the opening to land those high kicks and flying knee. And to those who said cote was winning… tell me when (even once) did cote landed a good shot.
    Cote is a very tough dude, but silva was too quick for him to catch…

  68. hmm that was a great fight, those of u idiots who think it was a boring fight have no idea how mma works. Fighting is like war u need 2 predict your opponents moves before your opponent predicts yours. Cote is amazing, Anderson Silva was having a tough time figuring out his moves. Cant wait 4 the rematch, they might put patrick against Leties then the winner will face anderson.

  69. i do no understad why mani people think that silva is the best. fedor is the best, fedor has defeated all best fighters of his weight, however silva do not have fight with cung le, paulo filho, or Akiyama, in addition silva has lost 4 times and has been submitted by ryo chonan a second fighter. really GSP, BJ penn, Nogueira, lyoto machida, cung le are better fighter than silva, whit more hart.

  70. you guys are idiots who think he is not the best fighter, and your also stupid to think the people he fought were not great. everyone in the ufc are amazing fighters and if anyone disagrees i would like to see them train as hard and do as good in the octagon as these guys.

  71. pat,

    the true #1 contender (yushin okami) was out due to injury, thats the only way cote got to fight silva…didn’t it seem odd that he was REALLY happy just to last 3 rounds lol. silva knew he had no chance, he knew he had no chance, everyone knew he was going to get ko’d in the 3rd.

  72. If UFC is smart then they will bring Kimbo over. Kimbo would bring UFC to another level. How about giving the winner of Lesnar vs Couture to fight Kimbo. Now that would be a megadeal fight. The fight of all MMA fight. Cant wait to see Kimbo prove all you guys wrong. He has heart!!! If UFC scare to take KImbo then KImbo will fight Fedor for the #1 P4P title.

  73. Cote’s injury actually could have been walked off. It really hurts and takes you out the first time you blow your ACL but even if it feels gross every time your knee pops back out after that, it isn’t nearly as bad as when you initially tear the ligament. Since Cote said that it was an old injury this wasn’t the first time that his knee has given out on him. Herb Dean shouldn’t have stopped it because Cote had a puncher’s chance and might have scored an upset by surprising Silva with a bomb. Dean never asked Cote if he was ok and if he wanted to continue, bad call. I have seen UFC fighters fake being hurt in order to lure their opponents in and catch them when they tried to finish, good thing Herb wasn’t reffing those matches

  74. kimbo sucks he has got a glass chin he was knocked out with one punch by a guy who couldnt fight in the ufc, if kimbo were too fight against a heavy weight in the ufc they would destroy him

  75. wtf are you talking about paddedummy? – the guy couldn’t stand in the fight and you think they should have continued? You would be an idiot to risk your career like that if that where you and the athletic committee would have not aloud it.

  76. LoL @ ricardo

    Lyoto Michida?! Really?!
    And to all Japs commenting about how good they are, don’t joke around. you can’t even beat americans in a fight. muahahahaha!!! WW2 baby!!!

  77. the crowd was right on…. that fight was lousy. Spider was running, and dancing when he should have just smashed the guy. He was toying with him. Bad fight with a bad ending.

  78. That sucked!!!!! Could have been the best fight of the year. I know that Silva is a bad ass, but I would have liked to see Cote at least carry it to a decision if nothing else. Damn! What a way to go….

  79. everyone stop dissin the fight anderson was dissin cote from round one. he was trying to pull some ali moves by dancing. it was a weird fight but anderson sure moved like water

  80. Anderson Silva was doing nothing short of displaying some of the best muy thai in the world. The fact that people run their mouths about his skill and or class blows my mind. I admit the reaching out to pick up cote might have been questionable to some but you have to realize he comes from a different culture, your opponent is more like a brother than an enemy.

    If anderson didn’t “dance around” he wouldn’t be the incredibly accurate. elusive, and lethal striker that he is today. His defense is also incredible and part of that is based in his constant hand movement. Thats why aside from inside leg kicks Cote landed all of about 15 shots in that fight.

    I think if Silvia makes the move to middleweight himself and GSP would have a pretty damn good fight. I would have to throw my money on Anderson though. Running at no more than 75% in that fight he looked deadly.

    The crowd definitely blew nut though

  81. BTW @ kimbothebeast

    I have no doubt in my mind that this is the actual Kimbo Slice trying to promote himself, being that no one else would try to at this point. On the off chance that it isn’t though let’s reflect on the fact that Seth Petruzelli, a pink haired dingleberry, knocked Kimbo down with at the very most a glancing blow. Even more astonishing though is what Slice did once he hit the ground. Instead of trying to defend himself, he just layed there and took it like a little school girl, he didn’t even cover up at all, to me that in itself is enough evidence to prove that he has no MMA instincts or knowledge and his whole career is a f****** farce.

  82. Silva is old and out dated. he thinks he the $hIt and he showed that by being an @$$ and trying to help Cote up. he is gonna get knocked off that high horse soon and cote is going to do it. Silva got worried in the 2nd period because,…yeah he knocked down cote but cote took it like no one else Silva has ever fought.

    COTE WILL BE THE NEXT CHAMP!!!!!! bank on it

  83. i thought it was great showmanship, cote was obv outclassed. we should thank anderson silva for the opportunity to see his ridiculous body movement. cote isnt a great grappler so silva encouraged cote to stand up with him( which helps cote) it was just a matter of time b4 silva turned on the gas. if i was a fighter in a winnable fight i wouldnt wanna train for months just to KO someone in the first round or 2 every time. especially since his last fight was 1 minute. next time silva fights, im sure it will be against a formidable opponent and he wont play around. lets not forget he pretty much destroyed every worthy opponent at 185

  84. ricardo, 90 percent of the people on here dont speak spanish so put that in english plz

    me no habla espanol.. no point to post a comment when people cant read it

  85. You have to give credit when credit is due. I think that both Cote and Silva are both great fighters and look foward to see them in the ring again. If anyone has the balls to talk all kinds of crap about them then they need to step into the ring and show what they have.

  86. He’s considered P4P the best fighter in the world but people dont be upset if thats the way mma sites and television states. Everyone has there own opinion, No need to get upset about it.. wow some of you sound like ****** babies ” Wauh Wauh he’s not the best Wuah Wauh” trust me its not the worst thing your gonna have to deal with… Of course there are amazing fighters out there, Some even to be considered P4P the best fighter but they’re not so get over it… To the people saying Silva should fight Filho or Machida he’s friends with those guys, I wouldnt want to fight a friend, now ask yourself the same question and if you still think you would then get up, call your buddy over and fight him.. In my opinion and Ill say that again MY OPINION Anderson Silva is P4P the best fighter in the world, Not only a great fighter but has great respect for his opponents…

  87. i thought it was great showmanship, cote was obv outclassed. we should thank anderson silva for the opportunity to see his ridiculous body movement. cote isnt a great grappler so silva encouraged cote to stand up with him( which helps cote) it was just a matter of time b4 silva turned on the gas. if i was a fighter in a winnable fight i wouldnt wanna train for months just to KO someone in the first round or 2 every time. especially since his last fight was 1 minute. next time silva fights, im sure it will be against a formidable opponent and he wont play around. lets not forget he pretty much destroyed every worthy opponent at 185

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