Andrei Arlovski Vs. Jake O’Brien UFC 82 Video

UFC 82 – Pride of a Champion fight video of Andrei Arlovski Vs. Jake O’Brien.

Andrei Arlovski

Part 1
[dailymotion x4kwb7 nolink]

Part 2
[dailymotion x4kwq1 nolink]

One thought on “Andrei Arlovski Vs. Jake O’Brien UFC 82 Video”

  1. I love how Joe Rogan is making negative comments about AA submission game. Talk about a muppet .. watch any of hias previous fights, when Joe commentates and he does nothing by compliment him.

    Obviously Dana has enforced it, but so very disappointing. I can not wait to see fedor v Arlovski outside the organisation.

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