30 thoughts on “Andrei Arlovski Vs. Roy Nelson EliteXC Video”

  1. Pretty much the worst stand-up I’ve ever seen by that ref in the first round. Nelson in side control going for an arm lock. How do you stand it up from there?

  2. rf6877!!!! RIGHT ON!!!!!!! First thing I thought was that was the WORST stand up!! Had the kimura ready to go……buttering him up with the knees to the side…..and stood up?!?!?! The weirdest thing is that SOOOOOOOO often they allow stupid LnP where nothing is happening?!? I dont get it!?!?!

  3. i disagree arloski had it in check the whole time. he never had the kimora. great fight. nelson is quite good . i must say. great finish 4 arloski. he stepped into this one slow.

  4. nelson is a good fighter, never seen him before and thought he would be just a fat piece of **** but he could move rather well and was athletic. but he still got ktfo.

  5. the people who show up to elitexc’s shows must be stupid, they boo at the wrong times.

    i dunno why nelson is mad, he clearly was dropped.

  6. EliteXC has the least educated audience I’ve ever seen. The stand-up in round one was because of their boos. EliteXC needs to satisfy their audience to stay afloat at this point.

  7. alright basically people above give the comments I wanna give, 2 things:

    1. the ref asked the fighters to stand up, which takes away the only chance of Nelson to win the match before he got tired. Nelson is just being decapitated the second round since he’s so tired and not able to organize another take-down.

    2. The crowd is rude and uneducated. It’s like the crowd of WWE or something. The crowd is doing “oooh~” in every second the fighters on the ground, bad attitude.

    Lots of Arlovski’s opponent can get a lot from this video, although Nelson had the advantage of his weight on the ground but obviously Arlovski’s ground skill is not too good-too easy to be passed…

  8. Yea, I agree. That was a pretty bad stand up. Dude was doing work on the ground. Second round He just gassed out. Just proves the sport is all about cardio.

  9. whats worse? That ridiculous stand up that probably had John Mcarthy screaming at his television, or the fact that the announcers made NO mention about the insanity of the the stand up?

  10. Guess,u ppl miss the part were Arlovisk got thearm free.Instead of talking **** about the ref pay attention to the fight.

  11. arlovski underestimated this fight. if u watch him on the bottom he wasnt in any discomfort. seemed to me that he was just chilling there not in any trouble. course he couldnt get up when some fat ****kaa just lays on u. y arlovski is fighting elitexc is beyond my knowledge seeing as how hes a top ten.

  12. Good fight for Andre!

    Funny seeing Tito………… & Frank’s response – ” It’ll give me something to do with my fists”. LOL!

    Man only 1 weeks training for a fight @ this level is really bad………………………..I’m not sure about EliteXC?

    I must say I’m really impressed with Roy “Big Country” Nelson. Dude can fight on the ground! He has to be fatter than Tank Abbot (back in the day) but, man!


    For anyone who thought the stand up wasn’t a correct/good call, please watch the fight again @ 4:26 to 4:46 (1st round). Notice the kimura is lost & Andre’s arm is free. Only then does the Ref call for the stand up.

    Bad camera angle but you can see that Roy’s Kimura is lost. You can also see that the Ref (only) warned Roy twice to ‘improve position’ & really seemed to be affected by the crowd’s lack of respect for the ground, but in my opinion Roy wasn’t doing anything with that submission anyway. Sorry just wanted to point that out. MMA !!!!!!!.

  13. yer i agree that stand up was bull****!
    Im a PT and i dont understand how that ****** is so fat!? does he do no cardeo? even if you did a good hard weights session 3 or 4 times a week and do no cardo you still would not be that fat!

  14. these dumb-***** come 2 watch kimbo what else do u expect from the idiotic crowd. Ya the result was pretty much expected Arlovski by knockout

  15. Why the fuhk are all these queefs complaining, he HAD a kimura, wasn’t able to do much so the ref stood em up. Stfu with that nonsense already.

  16. some of you guys honestly think fat boy was going to beat Arlovski? It was a bad call on the ref but jellybelly wasn’t doing much besides putting his junk in arlovski’s face. If he was good enough to beat Arlovski he would have! But nope Jelly Bean got clobbered!

  17. Arlovsky has great striking, but it was his cardio that gave him the edge…although I must say Big Country did show a great deal of knowledge at the time he was in the ground.

  18. u dumb asses the kimora was long gone b4 the fight was stood up arlovski just took it like a man and got out then fat basturd jut layed there once the fight was stood up his stubby arms couldnt reach arlovskis face

  19. Elite xc just wanted standup fighters cause thats all stupid fans want is to see someone get koed. But i was going to arlovski one of my fav fighters.

  20. That was a horrible stand-up nonetheless. I’m a big Arlovski fan but a stand-up from side mount is ridiculous. It doesn’t matter if he lost the kimura, side mount is a very dominant position on the ground. From side mount you could go north-south, or go to mount much more easily than if you were in someone’s guard. Those kind of positions should NEVER have a stand-up. All you who think otherwise don’t know jack about MMA.

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