One thought on “Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira Vs. Sanae Kikuta Fight Video”

  1. MMA is technically efecftive due to the factor of simplification. It strips the quantity of techniques down to a level that can be absorbed quickly, and performed without advanced levels of precision. I actually mean that as a compliment. But the unfortunate part is that MMA has removed all the character building elements of traditional Martial Arts. So you’ve got a whole generation of fighters with sufficient knowledge to cause damage, but who don’t necessarily believe that it should be used for defense only. The other problem I see is that there is very little that is really being mixed’. It was early on, but now it seems to just be Boxing punches, Muay Thai kicks, and a couple of BJJ submissions. If you think those are the only efecftive techniques out there, I’ve got a bridge you might like to buy too.

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