8 thoughts on “Antonio Rogerio Nogueira Vs. Edwin Dewees Affliction Banned Video”

  1. No kids, Antonio rogerio is the brother of the UFC Champ Antonio rodrigo nogueira. They are both very talented but the UFC heavyweight Champ is the best MMA fighter ever.

  2. No son, the UFC HW Champ is not currently an active fighter. He’s waiting in line to fight the #1 HW in the world, outside of the UFC (sorry to blow your mind).

    So if you think the UFC HW Champ is that good, that would make UFC Interim HW Champ #3.

    Your rankings are BS, esp. since Big Nog’s been leveled twice by Fedor.

  3. you are RIGHT on the money tF……..Fedor is the best, then Randy, then Nog….Although I do think that Brock Lesnar will surprise everyone with his strength…think Mark Coleman TIMES FIVE in terms of strength and power…He will be the best within 5 years….

  4. you guys got it all wrong.
    nogueria and fedor are the only active participating HW’s we have right now.
    Nogueria might have lost to fedor twice, but theres no shame in that. He lost what was a close unanimous decision to him the second time, but still lost none the less.
    Nogueria has also fought much more tough competition, and more consistently than Randy.
    Im all for Randy, i was there when he regained the HW title, and I feel he’d be the only guy outside of Nogueria that could give fedor a challenge (as well as the winner of Barnett and Arlovski).
    But, 1st Fedor, than Nogueria, than Randy.
    A Randy and Nogueria fight would also be awesome, if Randy should honor the last two fights in his contract. It’d be a shame if his career does end in the court room, but im still all for wishful thinking that he might come back, and whether it be the UFC or Affliction set up the match, it would be great.
    Nogueria always desarves his props, the both of them.
    Rogerio is the only fighter, to have ever dropped Shogun with a solid punch, although he did lose a close unanimous decision in Pride. But ill be rooting for him when he rematches Matyushenko. Vladmir, aside from Rogerio, is definetly the best light heavyweight fighter outside of the UFC at this time, and we could hopefully see them both end up in the UFC in the near future. They would be able to give anyone in the weight class a run for thier money.

  5. @kalimanfeoli Those who praech hate and use foul language will burn in hell and you’re the only person on here doing that, so have fun roasting hot dogs with Satan!

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