Antonio Silva Vs. Daniel Cormier Strikeforce 36 Heavyweight Grandprix

In the first of two Strikeforce World Grand Prix semifinal-ups, Brazilian giant Antonio Silva (16-2) fight praised former Olympic wrestler Daniel Cormier (8-0) is. Cormier is a replacement for Alistair Overeem, who was released from the promotion at the end of July, after contract negotiations soured between Zuffa and the Golden Glory fighter. Overeem signed with the UFC in the past week, sparking conspiracy theories from fans that the Zuffa him go to him to sign their primary brand.

With Overeem from the tournament, opportunity knocks for Cormier. Cormier has been highly praised as one of the few heavyweight prospects who must make the relevant skills and impressive resume to be a run on always in the top ranks of the weight class. Unfortunately he has not the experience in Mixed Martial Arts to this kind of trust against a mammoth, like Antonio Silva merit. It’s a first time for everything but.


Back Up

Back Up

Silva recently came into fame after crushing Emelianenko back in February. He was previously a hit for Mike Kyle in December, and he noted former UFC champion Andrei Arlovski on the scorecards in May last year. His win is monumental, the former PRIDE champion Fedor Emelianenko has confirmed fall, but it could serve as the beginning of an ascent to greater deeds for “Bigfoot”.

If visuals were all Antonio Silva would be your winner. His 6’4 “frame and gigantic muscular physique would be 265 pounds, the perception that a beating of epic proportions to unfold was to give. As we all know, visuals mean nothing in this sport. Sophisticated technology and a little luck, a long way to squelching that perception.

Silva is by no means lacking in its abilities. He is a solid Brazilian jiu-jitsu artist, and he continues to improve on their feet. Its size is a big advantage from the top, but it may slow down in the stand-up department. Cormier is a dynamic striker by any stretch of the imagination. However, it has the power and speed to put shots past Silva Defense. If he can do that, we have a surprise in the making.

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