8 thoughts on “Antonio Silva Vs. Justin Eilers EliteXC Video”

  1. Come on, Silva put on a mainly sloppy performance against Eilers..no real competition there in the first place. IMHO Kimbo has a pretty good chance against Bigfoot..and responding to iceman888, Elite XC does have top-notch fighters (Shields, Diaz, Lawler) but Silva is not one on that list. If Sergei Kharitonov would have taken this fight, as speculated, he would have KO’d Sloppy Silva within two minutes. Easily.

  2. silva is good not great, he strikes ok, he’s big n strong, knows how to take you down, but he doesn’t know how to finish with the hands or by submission, nothing spectacular…

  3. I guess EliteXC was finally able to create their first champion. Silva is big and strong but against top tier fighters he will get destroyed. Him and Kimbo fight would be fun to watch but it’s just because they’re names, not the best of the best.

  4. Silva has great potential and is quick for heavyweight, he is underrated, Elite XC needs 2 bring in A. Emelianenko

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