Badr Hari Vs. Remy Bonjasky K-1 World GP 2008 Final Video

Badr Hari and Remy Bonjasky go at it in the final fight of K-1 World GP 2008 Final in this video from earlier this morning.

Part 1
[dailymotion x7n89g nolink]

Part 2
[dailymotion x7n8gx nolink]

14 thoughts on “Badr Hari Vs. Remy Bonjasky K-1 World GP 2008 Final Video”

  1. Nothing against Bonjasky. What Badr Hari did was completely wrong. But, I can’t help but to think that Bonjasky chose the easy way out.

  2. That’s what Badr gets, I’m glad guys that can’t control their temper lose. This is a professional sport, not a backyard brawl or some high school fight.

  3. he’s crazy, he had Bonjasky hurt and just threw it away….I guess fighters are head cases in the Netherlands

  4. @Hun, 2 things that wasnt a Remy’s choice Badr got disqualified also of course it would have been the easy way out he would have been fighting with double vision what choice was there? get KTFO coz he is seeing 2 opponents or let the doctors/officials decide.

  5. i doubt he would have been seeing double from any of the shots while he was on the ground? i personally think he took the easy way out, he really played on he fact that hari hurt him while he was on the ground i dont think i saw any real hard contact there? even the commentators joked about his acting skills, hari had that fight and threw it away hope he can sort his temper out and come back to win it next time lol

  6. Agreed, it was wrong.

    However, Remy milked this and took the crown the easy way out. His speech explains it all.

    “I didn’t want to win this way” “this is now what K-1’s about”. Read into that.

    It’s obvious he knows the system and the crowd. He was hurt bad which says something

    for Badr’s power. Badr got a little mad cow after seeing the pain he inflicted on Remy.

    The rematch will be awesome and both these fighters will GAIN from this rather then lose.

    They both escape without serious damage and can comeback for another pay day.

    You guys say disgrace etc.etc. however this is a brutal sport with a killer’s instinct necessary

    to win. They are not human resource professionals or therapists. They are killing machines.

    This behaviour is normal. What did you expect?…a pure killing machine see’s an opportunity

    to destroy in the heat of the moment. THis is no suprise.

    Just look at some historical fights with similar controversial decisions such as this.

    Even the best of the best get out of control and are overly aggressive.

    Remy did milk this the commentators were laughing and so should they.

    Remy took full shots to the head from Melvin in a previous fight and was phased but continued

    strong and eventually won with some serious kicks to the head. Bar’s little love taps at the end

    pale in comparison. “Double Vision” oh that’s rich!….what an awesome excuse.

    I’m sure he’s thought of excuses for situations such as this. Nothing beats double vision.

    He seemed to grab the mic. and trophy pretty good at the end. No double vision issues.


  7. super intelligent –

    I suggest you have a look @ Badr Hari’s career.
    Because back in 2006 he did something similar to Ruslan Karaev, in terms of disrespecting the Ref and his opponent, and, had to be escorted out of the ring by K1 officials.
    As far as I’m concerned, they didn’t call Badr the ‘Bad Boy’ before refering to him as the ‘Golden Boy’ for nothing.
    I think he could have won the fight, if it wasn’t for him losing his temper.
    Hence a disgrace!!
    You can say that “Remy did milk this the commentators were laughing and so should they.” BUT!
    Who makes the decision’s?
    That was the REF’S & DOCTOR’S CALL!!
    I suppose what i’m trying to say is, it’s a huge disapointment to see Badr Hari Lose Like that again!! ESPECIALLY @ THIS LEVEL!!
    Like i said, Badr Hari could’ve been the 2008 WGP Champ!!

  8. remy as usual chose the easy way out… he had enough time to recover, and of course the judges and referee called it off ‘coz you never saw remy tell them that he wants to go on.

    remy bonjasky k-1 WGP champ 2008 via DQ

    lulz… pathetic

    and badr, go see a shrink you ******* basket case!

  9. remy was pushed down, not knocked down. he wasnt hurt when he went down, he was hurt when he got stomped, and his head had nowhere to go but absorb the full impact. its not like he was standing and could roll with the strike. Remy is a champion of champions, he’s no quitter. he’s got a warriors spirit, thats why hes #1. i give him full benefit of the doubt, remy is no quitter. that stomp must have concussed him. now, badr hari is a bad mofo, i think it was 50/50 as to who would have won that fight

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