BJ Penn Video Blog on GSP and More (Video)

BJ Penn talks about the show and how he’s preparing for GSP.

6 thoughts on “BJ Penn Video Blog on GSP and More (Video)”

  1. Can’t wait for that fight. As long as Georges doesn’t go into the fight and give BJ too much respest he’s gunna smash him. Georges made an example of Jon Fitch and I expect nothing less of him the next time around. I’ll be very interested to see BJ’s strategy for the fight but I just don’t see him winning. That doesn’t mean I won’t be sweating bullets when they fight though. It’s gunna be SICK!

  2. Thanks for the upload!
    Yeah man this one is almost impossible to pick.
    I Love both fighters and find myself going back and fourth, but, I keep having to remind people of how good BJ Penn really is.
    The ramafications are huge. If GSP wins we could see another superfight in GSP vs Anderson Silva, and if Penn wins he’ll be the first man in history to defend two championship belts!!!
    Either way its gonna be the best superfight we’ve seen in ages!!

  3. How can u say ” how good BJ Penn really is” without saying how good GSP is?

    GSP is too quick n powerful for BJ………but BJ owns..

  4. Shanooo –

    Everybody knows how good GSP is!!
    It’s just most of my mates didn’t start watching MMA, especially the UFC untill recently. Like since UFC 81 onwards. Hence i’m the one who has to inform them of the 1st fight!
    I just respect both fighters immensely!!
    And so I have to ask, who do you pick?

  5. This is the fight I’ve been waiting for since first getting into the sport. Amazing that a potential “fight of the year” is happening in January.

    It’s becoming very apparent to me that… lower the weight, better the fight. Actually I’m convinced it’s very true.

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