67 thoughts on “BJ Penn Vs. Sean Sherk UFC 84 Video”

  1. 1st off, penn GSP would be close, i’d give it to GSP. he has gotten a lot better since the 1st fight with Penn.
    2nd Anderson silva will destroy both Penn and GSP. and i wouldn’t be surpised if he gave rampage a run for his money. if only we could see him fight machida that would be sweet. Muay tai vs karate

  2. well the two had already fought and gsp ended up winning the fight. although gsp was the winner in a split decision. bj did much more damage to gsp then gsp did to bj. bj’s technique in the earlier minutes of the fight were outstanding, but as everyone knows, bj’s cardio is lacking. his cardio was arguably the only reason why he lost. so its not hard to see bj winning a rematch if he trains more on cardio.

  3. Give Rampage a run for his money? Dude, Silva would destroy Rampage. You seem to think weight makes that much of a difference. It really doesn’t matter as much when the skill difference is so much. BJ Penn is a much better striker and ground fighter than GSP. GSP only would squeak by BJ Penn with athleticism and size. I think BJ Penn would beat GSP in a rematch because this time BJ Penn would not be tired and would not give up the takedown to GSP so easily.

  4. BJ certainly trained more cardio for this fight. I don’t understand Sherk’s gameplan. I told everyone whom predicted Sherk would win that Sherk does not have the takedown ability and athleticism to take Penn down. Even though most of Sherk’s takedowns would get stuffed, he could’ve at least made Penn work harder by defending takedowns mixed with punches. Having a boxing match is not going to eat at Penn’s cardio as much.

  5. I think BJ is at his best right now ond if he doesn’t fall back into partying a lot etc it should be quite hard to take the belt off him. He handled that to perfection and had sean playing bj’s game. Nice to watch., he controlled it from the start.

  6. bj can beat gsp..the only reason gsp won was because of the take down towards later rounds. only becase he ran out of gas. gsp had to go the hospital after that fight. bj did not have a single scratch on his face. bj,anderson silva,gsp number one fighters.

  7. penn messed up gsp striking then gsp took penn down into penns world where bj went into rubber guard ,whats gsp gonna do tap bj out ,thats unlikely penn was fastest american blackbelt from ralph gracie then ist american to win mundials and he did beat a steroid induced matt hughes.bj did alright against machida in their fight,so a fight between bj and silva is possible

  8. anderson is unbeatable at this point. not sure how he will be if he went up or down in weight to challenge the other champions.

    and the penn vs gsp would probably also depend on who goes up or down in weight. this penn belt is at 155 and gsp is at 165 or so, no?

  9. ok no way in hell wuld penn beat GSP in a rematch GSP gets so much better after every fight and he’ll be able to man handle BJ and anderson culd smash anyone in the entire UFC execpt maybe GSP
    Penn sucks he talks so much crap and only will fight some1 if he hates them that is pathetic and mochida vs ortiz, that was the most pitiful performence ever mochida is such a little bi*ch, throw a punch and run, he must b good at track cuz he sure can run fast

  10. anderson silva would kill cung le, there is no question about it! all le has got is flashy kicks with no power, he hasnt fought anyone on andersons level. silva by 2nd round ko. Also Gsp would probably beat bj in a rematch at 170, he only lost the first round of their fight cause he got poked in the damb eye.

  11. Booooooring!!!
    This fight sucked. That’s The Reason I Didn’t even Want to Watch it Till Last. B.j Is Mostly Boring. The Last Minute was cool.
    GSP vs Andreson Silva? How About Cung Le Vs Silva?

  12. Anderson Silva is top level 4sure, but not invincible. Ryo Chonan stood toe2toe w/Anderson striking. Then outta nowhere Ryo drops down and sweeps Anderson off his feet w/his legs and has Anderson tapping FRANTICLY! in a ankle lock. This was in PRIDE(R.I.P.)

  13. bj would prolly beat gsp in a re-match, bj was winning till his cardio ran out (as with all his fights he lost except hughs 2) gsp is def. one of the best and has only gotten better, but umm so has bj penn, love him or hate him he is still one of the best..gsp,silva,penn best fighters in the world..not cung lee haha hes good but not like these guys..silva would kill cung lee not even a question, silva would also beat gsp which could take place in a while..but penn vs gsp would be first and penn would most likely win, he would stand with him and pick him apart round after round slowely but surely like he does everyone untill he smells a little blood then he would finish him and lick the blood off his gloves..and whoever said bj penn is a boring fighter is eaither just a hater because bj is cocky or u just dont understand the sport..now lyota machida on the other hand is the defanition of boring, hes smart and obviously talented but i would never ever pay for a ppv in which he is the main event..silva#1,penn#2,gsp#3 (keep in mind penn is 155, beat hughes at 175,lost split decision to gsp 175 coulda easily won too, hes even fought light heavywight guys, all his loses except pulver were ppl 20 lbs naturally bigger than him and top fighters in the world and most of them decisions)

  14. roflmfao!!! frank shamrock nor cung le would last 1 round with Silva!!! Whoever thinks that doesnt know much about this sport!!! And as for gsp vs penn… its a close one!!! the pweon that said BJ penn quit the 170 divison because he couldnt beat anyone there is a moron!!! he was the champion at 170 when he didnt even train hard!!! Silva, Penn, gsp are pound for pound the best!!!

  15. and shamrock isnt better than silva not even close, they have had about the same amount of pro fights, shamrock has had 6 more, but he has 9 losses in which he was knocked out 3 times and tapped twice, mostly by no name fighters except bas rutten, his only really huge fights that he has won are jeremy horn, cesar gracie, and bas rutten one out of 3 times, silvas never been finished decisively like shamrock has, and hes had bigger wins (carlos newton,jeremy horn, rich franklin kod 2 times,frykland,lutter,marquardt all by ko, and he even tapped dan henderson) bottom line shamrock may be viewed as a legend cuz hes been around for a while but not on the level that silva is..not even close

  16. BJ won the first time he fought GSP and anyone who saw the fight should agree. GSP is great but he’s not the Prodigy. I would love to see BJ beat Rush for the welterweight title but John Fitch will probably beat him to it. BJ should have called Fitch out because that’s the fight that is most likely to happen.

  17. Anyone who says Cung Lee or Fran Shamrock could hang with the Spider knows nothing about MMA. Dan Henderson, Rich Franklin and Nate Marquart are all higher levels of fighter than Shamrock or Cung Lee and Silva walked through them. Cung Lee and Frank Shamrock are very entertaining fighters but they would get knocked out in the first round if the were matched up with Anderson Silva. For anyone who is on Paulo Filho’s jock he couldn’t last a round with the Spider either. The only challenge for Silva will be moving up to Light Heavy or someone like Wanderli or Machida to drop to 185.

  18. I agree with ‘biggie’. If dan henderson couldnt beat anderson silva, cung lee or shamrock just dont stand a chance. they would MAYBE go into the last minute of the 2nd round if they havent been KTFO by then. silva is the #1 p4p in the UFC and i’d think #2 in the world (after Fedor of course, who is freaken invincible). As on GSP, Penn would most prbbly beat him at 170 with good cardio, and GSP on 185 would get murdered by Silva just like everyone else. GSP is one of the best but he cant match up to Silva’s striking or BJJ on the ground. Oh and silva tapping out in pride was by some miracle/freak of nature flying scissor heel hook which you will prbbly never see again.. ever. Silva/Fedor/Penn FTW!!!!

  19. p.s. Machida is the next LHW champ! Yes he might be ‘boring’ to watch, but you are just not gonna see someone with Karate based striking swing/kick as much as a muay-thai figher like Wanderlei. I mean, it works for him right? 13-0 doesnt happen by luck, the guy is pure skill.

  20. hey, listen up..THE UFC LIGHTWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP WILL STAY RIGHT HERE AT HOME IN HAWAII. BJ IS AT HIS BEST. just a little more work on his cardio and he is good to go against the whole world..he was the first non brazilian to win MUNDIALS. That says ALOT. He is my idol. top of the lightweight foodchain..WHO’S NEXT???Urijah?GSP??BJ WILL CONQUER.

  21. Bj will not beat Gsp. Sure he might have the striking advantage, but thats about it. Hes not defending his takedowns and he will get controlled on the ground. As for gsp vs silva, that would be close but again the takedowns of gsp are way too good especially for silva as we seen against lutter and gsp is way too good to be caught in a triangle.

  22. Again on GSP vs Silva. Sure, GSP can take Silva down, but what then? GSP is only good while on top for GnP, but Silva can fight from any position on the ground. If it woulda been GSP vs Henderson on the ground he wouldnt have made it out of that first round. For one, his striking is on another level from St. Pierre’s. His jiu-jitsu is veerry good, and its beyond only triangles. GSP can outwrestle Silva any day of the week, but wrestling aside he has nothing on the Spider. Silva is #1.

  23. I truly believe that Anderson Silva is the best pound per pound fighter in the world right now. He would pick apart St. Pierre and Penn piece by piece. As for Penn vs St. Pierre, I am an avid Pierre follower and a huge fan, but I really think BJ is much stronger mentally and his hangs are slightly better. St. Pierre may have the best wrestling skills in the game right now followed by sick athleticism, but Penn is just so flexible and confident. I hate to say it because St. Pierre is my boy, but I would have to say that Penn would take it. Although, I would love to eat my words if they face off against each other in the upcoming year.

  24. I dont wanna see GSPbeat the crap out of penn. they are both awesome but GSP is bigger and stronger. GSP has improved masively since their first fight. furthermore even with blurred double vision GSP still controlled the fight which tells me that on any typical night GSP would be relentlessly in control. too much for any 155 pounder.

    penn 155
    GSP 170
    anderson 185
    quinton 205
    fedor HW

    interesting that at fedors weight extra pounds has it’s drawbacks which is why timmy is goin down like schilt or hong man.

  25. if you watch any bit of the penn sherk fight and pretend that GSP was in the place of sherk – it seems obvious to me that gsp’ rech footwork and dangerousness would make anything penn managed against sherk very unlikely against GSP.

  26. I do think GSP could bulk 10-15 pounds of muscle and still be as speedy – especially in his speed at which he shoots in – which would be a big part in his dismantling of Anderson Silva. Although on the ground anderson could submit GSP. it’s hard to not predict anderson though – especially since now one really knows what GSP would be like at a higher weight.

  27. I guess thereʻs only one way to find out who will win, GSP and Bj just need to scrap again. But Anderson Silva is on another level from everyone in the UFC, thatʻs been proven.

  28. Some of these posts annoy me, firstly well done b.j your the man, just improve on your cardio a bit more and i have every faith you can take g.s.p, you wern’t far last time, second, i think silva wud smash g.s.p, silva is too big accurate andawesome for g.s.p, and if silva is on his back hes a black belt in bjj, so even if he dont get a submission, he could still scramble, and tie up g.s.p, i do like g.s.p but think hes still a bit green around the gills to be considered as one of the best ever, p4p b.j silva then fedor but what do i know i’m just a fan

  29. B.J. should stick around 155 and fight Roger Huerta. G.S.P. can’t get the size to stand with silva and silva really need to test himself by moving up in weight or he will probably end up beating himself over time, you know if you don’t stay challenged you’ll lose it. Kinda like sherks sad performance. he still would have lost but he could have done better if not for the lay off.

  30. Size doesn’t matter, that much? lol. In today’s UFC it matters alot. The mere presence of a stand-up rule totally favors striking over submission. Yeah, there was a day when an 185 pounder like Gracie could dominate the big guys, but nobody liked watching the BJJ guys slowly wear an opponent down, then make them cry like little girls. There are now no headbutts, shots to the back of the head or groin strikes, either. There’s a reason you don’t see Mike Tyson vs Sugar Ray Leonard or other such sillyness. You live in fantasy land.

  31. some very good points i think gsp and bj must fight again i think gsp has the strengh but bj as to many ways to put you away,it would definatly be the fight of the year i dont see anyone in the lightweight division beating bj as for gsp vs silva if gsp moves up i think he will lose the speed and the strengh and people would realise he is more average than u think

  32. @ miguel, the douchebag thing is an act.
    i didn’t fall for it.
    they’re all buddies at the end.
    plus, i didn’t really think he was a ‘douche’.
    he’s saying he’s the best.. it’s what they all say.

    i was actually scared for penn, cuz sherk is/was a monster.
    i guess the no-roids got him to calm down a bit
    cuz he wasn’t as aggressive as i remember.

    btw-silva, gsp, and penn are at the top of the chain,
    and i give it to them in that order..
    penn still looks like he’s got a cardio issue,
    but his chin can take some friggin hits!!

    i peeped some old clips of all the fighters
    and penn is the one who has moved up and down
    in weight the most. that kid is ballsy.

  33. hey biggie , jon fitch has never beaten Josh Koscheck as they both are part of A.K.A and train together, But you are right he will give GSP a Fight, and Bj I think would beat GSP in a rematch.

    alsp I read somewhere that AnTderson Silva would destroy Rampage??? what are you people smoking, They Light heavy Div is a whole other monster, too deep to say that Anderson Silva would go there and dominate, those guys offseason walk around at 230+ pounds they are big!!! Silva is bigger than most guys at 185 but he would not be at 205, I would love to see him fight Lyoto Machida but that wont happen either because they both fight for blackout….anyway holla

  34. GSP and BJ would be a pretty good fight as long as GSP (my favorite) has convidence in his stand up. He should he is amazing but he is afraid of getting knocked out. If he stands with BJ at first he will still eventually set up a take down, it may take him a few tries but he will get it as long as he throws a few punches and kicks in between attempts. When it hits the ground it is just a matter of time before GSP finishes him.
    If GSP continiously shoots for the take down BJ will knock him out.
    GSP vs Anderson would be a much better fight and if I were in charge this would be more likely. There is too many great fighters in the LW division for bj to think he has proven himself the greatest LW. GSP & Anderson have proven themselves dominate in their divisions (after GSP beats Fitch) and it is unlikely the wanderlia will move down after the knock out of Jardine (also remember he has knocked out the current LHW champ Rampage twice in Pride plus wanderlia and anderson train together) Anderson is the most accruate striker ever but will have a much harder time clinching GSP because GSP always circles when he strikes. GSP will be looking for the take down and as long as he sets it up he will take him down then I see GSP beating the hell out of anderson. GSP is great at avoiding submissions and is very creative on the ground

  35. i think that gsp would have a decisive win over bj penn , there is no way gsp would be foolish enough to stand and strike with penn and would take him to the ground in no time and have the skills to avoid all of bj’s submission attempts , while staying so busy and being so fast with his ground and pound bj would simply be overpowered and left with no where to turn

  36. BJ and St Pierre needs to happen again at some point. It’s a toss up who would win. I kinda have to give the edge to St Pierre. He’s a more natural welterwight, and almost as talented as Penn. But Penn is almost as fluid a fighter as Silva. Incredibly relaxed. It would probably go to a decision again. Unless it’s for 5 rounds and Penn tires. St Pierre can tire almost anyone out, especially over 5 rounds. He’s just so strong. As far as St Pierre vs Silva, this is an interesting fight. On it’s feet Silva will eventually knock St Pierre out. It would take longer than with other people perhaps, but it would happen. The thing is though is that St Pierre has almost indefensible takedowns. Even BJ Penn got caught. Silva would go down for sure, probably several times. Once St Pierre gets you down you are in serious trouble. Penn weathered it well because there’s probably no-one better off their back. You put Penn on his back and you are always in serious danger of getting submitted. I would give the edge to Silva over St Pierre, but St Pierre could have a very good chance of winning, though probably by a decision since he would just keep taking him down. Silva would win by knock out or TKO.

  37. Listen guys, to fight GSP, BJ is going to have to add weight…it’s what kills him all the time when he steps up. He is a great fighter, with good striking and is hard to take down, but cardio will kill him. The reason it was so good against sherk was because he didn’t have to carry 15+ extra this time…..sure it could be an exciting mathchup…but I think it ends the same….How do you put on pounds and improve your cardio??? Not possible….in a five round fight George just wears down bj…and stops him alla matt hughes

  38. Buakaw would give Silva a great fight. I’d take Buakaw probably and I’d definitely take Buakaw if the fight was in K-1. Cung Le would also give Silva a great fight. Silva would submit Dennis Kang I think without a lot of trouble.
    Cung Le has a lot of power and his hand speed is probably about as fast as Silva’s. It would be a great fight.

  39. GSP is the future of MMA and the best match against Silva. All things being equal GSP is the best athlete, Silva the best technician and Penn the most naturally gifted. Any one could beat any other on any given day.
    In a best out of three scenario I think Penn first, GSP second and Silva third.
    Why? Watch aftewr Silva gets beat and see if he can get back up again loike GSP did or Penn did. I don’t think he has the mental conditionning like thise other two. Look at Liddell for example, incredibly dominant then once broken he’s unable to get it back like he had it.
    5 Years we will all look back and say Penn was gifted, but who knew GSP would be the most dominant champ of all time?!

  40. Didnt you guys watch the GspvsBj fight right after the fight gsp went to the hospital for exhaustion bj wasnt in good shape now hes in good shape he would wreck GSP any day

  41. yeah we saw the fight but guys a guy learns every day. that is why i’m sayin that GSP will definitely change his his fighting strategy if he fights penn again. din’t you saw the serra 2 fight? you’re all talking about how Baby jay will take the crap out of GSP again. leave behind what happened yesterday and look at today coz the guys will be fighting on what they have today and not yesterday. penn with a good cardio and GSP with a good strategy. that is what those two fighters got right now. and it will be a different match like it did before.

  42. I think that bj penn would get dominated this time just for the fact that gsp has become such a better athlete than the first time they fought. Gsp has now earned a black belt in bjj and his wrestling is outstanding ( just ask matt hughes). His striking is also top notch as hes shown time and time again. Bj penn is a great fighter as well but i dont think he possesses the speed and agility that Gsp has. either way its gonna be a hell of a fight. I also believe that if gsp and silva fought it wouldnt be a one sided fight. i think it would go into the third or fourth round. oh yeah rampage would get destroyed by silva. and i dont mean wanderlei.

  43. BJ sucks! No matter what he’s name is, its so effin ridiculous like a cartoon character out from a bathroom full load of crap. Listen to me pennny, you’ll loose no matter who’ll gonna take it with you. Better prove your skills with Kenny Florian, you’ll gonna be owned by the second you step on to the ring.

    Good bye penny on your injury, happy living Loser.

  44. digest just stfu.. kenny florian is no where near the level in ANY aspect of the game that Penn is. just no where. sure he’s got his spirit of the samurai ******** but that wont save him from the worst asswhoopin he’s ever gonna get come title fight. bj penn IS the prodigy!

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