35 thoughts on “Brandon Vera Vs. Keith Jardine UFC 89 Video”

  1. I don’t know, I think Brandon Vera is playing with fire here. His last fight he dropped all that weight and was gassed for the fight. That was one of the worst fights ever. I realized how bad a showing that was, even talking about it in his prefight interview. Then he is at best a little a head in the 3rd with a good 2 mins left and he keeps looking at the clock wanting to skate through. I know Dana doesn’t tell a fighter how to fight and all that. Especially when money is on the line, but it’s a good thing that this was a “free” viewing event, because that would have pissed a lot of people off.

  2. brandon vera is a joke.
    he was never the same fighter when he returns to the ufc.
    i used to like him when he was fighting as a heavyweight.
    after beating frank mir and left ufc, when he returns he became a girl.
    i think hell be more superior if he fights with the elite xc women fighter.

  3. Haha, the Uk crowd just BOOS on everything, except british fighters or especially they’re golden boy Michael Bisping!
    As for the fight, right decision, Keith totally had it. First round for him, second pretty even and third for Keith slightly ;)

  4. Man I must say the pugilistic skills of both of these guys is ******* pathetically low. And yet it seems like so many Americans actually like this sloppy, ugly brawling style the New Skool UFC is known for. I mean: **** it’s almost as if they don’t have any boxing skill at all. Just flailing limbs. And as for jardine’s ground game? laughable. The UFC needs some more foreign fighters, fighters who can FIGHT. And not only know what pugilism is, but actually be able to spell it as well.

  5. Keith clearly edged it. Vera is an uninspiring fighter. I never watch Vera, generally slow and unimaginative. The only credit I can give him is for the few good uppercuts he threw.

    American spectators tend to booo so much that it gets embarassing. They favour a stand up and mindless exchanges. It is probably alcohol fuelled. They go watch Thai Boxing instead! However, I prefer a more technical fight. I was aghast when the ref stood up Roy Nelson (about to lock in a Kimura) against Arlovski to appease the uneducated crowd. Arlovski who has a such a weak ground game is going to get completely destroyed aginst Fedor.

  6. i really thought vera was gonna walk through this. but i guess he’s not as good as he think’s he is and as good as i thought he was…………………………………………………………………………………………..

  7. You are all stupid. Just as stupid as the UFC letting Keith Jardine won. It’s obviously Vera who killed it. and that’s the truth.

  8. Brandon Vera definetly has my vote for the most overrated fighter in the UFC. On top of that, he thinks he’s even better than they hype him up to be. I know that he comes from a major muay thai background and I understand that only each individual really knows what they are capable of, but his hype and arrogance just does not come close to his actual skill level. He’s stuck somewhere between light heavy and heavyweight and looks awkward in either class.
    @ cr_trinity: you are right. Jardine’s stance and striking motion are both incorrect. I know a lot of people are going to say “no, they are just unorthodox and it works for him” thats true and I really like Jardine, but if his boxing skills were on point, he would be even more elite of a fighter. At one point in this fight, he knocked Vera down and had an opportunity to attack but instead looked like a baby pelican trying to flap it’s wings for the first time, throwing his arms around instead of throwing crisp, snapping punches. He could have ended the fight right there. Same thing happened against Wanderlei. The main reason he has had such success in the octagon is because his style is unpredictable. Im not asking him to change that, just tighten up so that he can realize his full potential.

  9. It wasn’t a knock down, Vera slipped. And Vera definitely isn’t overrated. In fact, i think Jardine’s overrated. Vera should’ve won because he was more aggresive, he outclassed Jardine in technique, and he scored more hits than Jardine.

  10. I have to watch this one again but, i agree with most people who say Vera won this. I honestly thought at one stage Vera had broken Jardine’s lead leg when Vera stomp/kicked it!
    All Vera needed to do was kick that lead leg out!
    I think Vera was either gassed (which he didn’t look like) or just thought he had done enough to win. Sad to see one of the best young fighters not perform to his best. I think all that management crap has taken it’s toll. I’m not going to write him off though, he’s got plenty of time to get back to ‘The Truth’ that we all used to remember & respect!

  11. Actually I believe that the score was even when they were standing…the difference might have been in the take down attemps and the real take down on the 3rd. Honestly, I can’t find any pleasure in watching this two fight…their stiles add up perfectly because they are both unortodox and borring…one of the worst UFCs ever!!

  12. Why watch if you think it’s boring?
    I just can’t understand how people can say ” it sucked, it’s boring its one of the worst UFC’s ever !”
    You sound like the morons over the years who didn’t know anything about the ground game & so got bored. LMAO!!
    The UFC is not boring, you’re boring!
    Just about every fighter on this card has had a exciting fight in their career’s. Do you honestly think their going to have an exciting fight every single time?
    Have some respect.

  13. Actually I do. They are ENTERTAINERS…do you know what that means?? That their job is to entertain people. And if your job is to entertain people and you love your job (because it must be awesome to knock someone head off and call it your job!!), the least thing you can do is give 100% in each fight!! Jardine vs Lidell, that was an entertaining fight…but Vera?? C’mon dude!! He couldn’t be anymore boring even if he tried!!!

  14. Tito, please tell me.
    Where on earth does it say that their Entertainer’s!
    That has got to be the most laughable s*** i’ve heard in ages!!
    You sound like a ‘wreastlin’ fan.
    I dare you to ask any real UFC fighter during their training for a fight, if their ‘entertainers’. Actually you’d probably get KTFO’d!
    Just so you remember ( & you probably don’t judging by what you just said) Brandon ‘The Truth’ Vera was the fighter on the front cover of one of previous ‘Best of knock out Dvd’s’!
    And according to you he’s boring.
    Like i said before, please try & have some respect.
    How about paying you’re dues, & do some history on the sport?

  15. BTW!
    cr_trinity …… thanks for the essay on professionalism.
    I’m just wondering who made you the supreme judge on what’s pathetic?
    Watch both Keith & Brandon after this fight.
    They put everything into it! ( i’m pretty sure they know how to spell pugilism aswell! AS THEY SURE AS HELL SHOWED IT!! LOL!!)
    I think you’re getting a bit hung up on the whole USA VS ENGLAND bulls***.
    For the record. Vera’s Jiu Jitsu was canceling out ( or as you would say ‘nullifying’ ) Jardine’s ground ‘n’ pound!
    Maybe you should go back to watching boxing?
    That way you don’t have to think about takedown’s, legkick’s, grappling, ground ‘n’ pound,submissions. Pretty much everything that makes you a UFC fighter!
    Only because this seems so “Pathetic” to you!

  16. I hate the fact that these Brits actually booed during the fight. Ok, the fight was a little slow but it was not entirely uneventful. They should have booed during Bisping’s fight cause all he did was circle away from Leben.

  17. First of all MMA Fan, wrestling is not a sport, it’s a MF novel.
    Second of all, by all means, of course I pay my dues to the sport!! MMA rules dude!! This guys give more than 100% each fight and I’m entirely sure that they actually risk their lives every time they set a foot in the octagon!! I honestly believe that MMA represents the future and that the preparation these sportsmen require is a whole lot more demanding than any other sport, including boxing!! The main theme here is that Brandon “The Truth” Vera hasn’t been the same since the lost with Tim Silva!! Against Frank Mir he was impressive: fast, strong and relentless. But now? You honestly believe that he is even half the fighter he was then?? I don’t know what it was but in some point it seems that he just lost it man!! And finally, let me just tell you that I still believe they are ENTERTAINERS!! Why?? Just listen at the little speech Chris Leben gave after his fight with Bisping: “DID I GAVE A GOOD SHOW FOR YOU???” he just missed to say “WELL, THEN HAVE A LITTLE RESPECT YOU IGNORANT MF!!” These guys are the best entertainers in the world dude!!!

  18. Tito, fighters are entertaining, they are not entertainers.
    Just becuase ” These guys are the best entertainers in the world dude!!! ” doesn’t mean they’re entertainers! I mean they call it the Ultimate fighting Championship’s! NOT the Ultimate Entertainment Championship’s?!
    Actually i would like to hear what everyone else thinks about this point?

    I used the ‘wrastling’ comment because i used to watch ‘World Wrestling Entertainment’ & you know the rest. ( You said it best with the novel anology).
    But Tito, at no point did i say wrestling ( & I’m refering to Pro Wrestling) is a sport ( amature wrestling is definitly a sport). why would you bring that up? I really don’t where you got that from?

    Yes, i do believe Vera is having trouble at the moment, that’s why i said ” Sad to see one of the best young fighters not perform to his best “. I mean you’re the one who said ” they are both unortodox and borring…one of the worst UFCs ever!! ” & for this reason i totally disagree!
    I’m sorry, but it seems you just wrote both Keith Jardine & Brandon Vera off? And why? Becuase of a rather hard fought fight?
    Both fighters are excellent!
    Why else would they be fighting in the UFC!?!
    Just becuase they’re not fighting to you’re expectation’s, doesn’t mean their boring.Plus, how about respecting the other fighters on the card? UFC 89 isn’t the worst i’ve seen.
    I’m glad you’re a fellow MMA FAN, i’m just hoping you don’t judge these fighters in the wrong light. Please don’t tell me you only like fighters when their winning!?!

  19. jardine is the man…but what hapend when his figth against silva….????against strong guys is another histor!!!! not vera!

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