Brett Rogers Calls Kimbo Slice Garbage Video

Kimbo Slice and Brett RogersDrama is almost always destined to happen at post-fight press conferences, and it was no different at the EliteXC – Primetime post-fight press conference. Check out this video of a confrontation between Brett Rogers and Kimbo Slice after Rogers called Slice garbage.

7 thoughts on “Brett Rogers Calls Kimbo Slice Garbage Video”

  1. Im unsure if Kimbo tapped or that was to gesture to the ref that he was okay , i didnt notice Kimbos arm was in there also which makes it much harder to hoke someone out. It did look like a fixed fight , But Kimbo did fight well and showed some more skills he has learned from street fighter to mma fighter is not easy…Much Props….

  2. I don’t think Kimbo tapped but I do think that fights shouldn’t be on CBS anymore. They get stopped way too early to avoid showing excess blood and make it less violent for mainstream

  3. Yes, Kimbo tapped. I agree that the fights should not be shown on CBS anymore but not for the same reason. I think that fights that are fixed that are shown on public access television will give the sport a bad name. I do think that it was “GARBAGE” as well.

  4. Its one time for fans to express certain feeling about fighters. But, this Brett was totally direstectful and unprofessional making the “Garbage” comment. But then again it is “Elite XC”. I guess
    thinks he’s a top havy weight cause he knocked out a recovering drug addict. He’s going to have a wake-up call when he gets in the ring w/a UFC caliber fighter, whose never done drugs.
    How did they come up with that name. They certainly don’t have the elite fighers in mma.
    As for Kimbo, why all the hate. Don’t hate a man whose trying to make a better living! Put yourself in his shoes, if somebody gave you 6 figures, don’t say you wouldn’t take it. Least he gave JT props and admitted he had work to do.

  5. the ufc, and pride made mma what it is today by getting more popular then ever…then cbs gets there greedy hands of a no name mma show and shows it to the world as a premire mma show. im so angry that mma was represented so poorly.

  6. I dont think Kimbo tapped in the first round. I also laugh cause since Tank who was going to kick Kimbos a$$ there has always been all those people who have not yet proved themselves worthy of correctly calling the outcome of a fight. ALl of you that say oh he will whip Kimbo, or this guy over here will. Untill they do stop hating on the man. Talking crap about someone on a little forum is real cool and makes you like look like big bad men, say that crap to his face. And dont even say you would cause you know you would not

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