109 thoughts on “Brock Lesnar Vs. Heath Herring UFC 87 Video”

  1. Roy man, a 30-26 win is very decisive, and I think the judges were just being nice. Really it was 30-24. The only reason the fight didn’t end was bc Herring was 99% defense…. he wasn’t able to fight to win. He had no choice but to turtle up and try not to die.

  2. Brock rocked him with the first punch and ride him all day dropping them fists & knees. I give Herring credit for surviving but Brock made him his little pony.

  3. Brock is a monster. I think the frank mir would of looked the same if brock didnt get caught . I dont know if its only me but i keep expecting him to do wwe moves / huge slams and what not. the more he learns the more dangerous he will become.

  4. add the word fight just after frank mir **

    i know i am dying to see, the last fight, although someone kind spoiled the results for me.

  5. wow, absolutely amazing!! Brock Lesnar is the man!!! Destroyed Heath. It’s quite amazing what steroids will do for you after ingesting them for ten plus years. Start off as a big man, work for an entertainment company, take more steroids, get even bigger and stronger, cut down to the maximun weight limit of 265. Given Brock won that fight, no way any one could say different, but come on? Do you really think the advantage he got from working for such a fake corporation doesn’t work in his favor? No drug testing!!! Did everyone forget the atrocities that Chris Binouit did this year? Imagine if some of the other athletes were able to take steroids, unchecked, for ten plus years? We might be looking at a completely different game. Brock is the man tonight, but he is a fake to me and my boys.

  6. LMAO AT THE IDIOT WHO SAID HE WOULD ROCK FEDOR, Fedor would let him take him down then armbar him, Besides Brock already lost 1 out of 3 fights, which Fedor lost none out of 28!

  7. BROCK LESNAR is a TRUE COMPETITOR… does he need work? YES, but this fight proves that he has a great deal of potential… HE MAY HAVE SHOW BOATED… but Heath Hearing was talking a great deal of smack about Lesnar… I can’t wait to see Brock’s next fight!

  8. Just what we all want to see in MMA… another ‘lay and pray’ proponent. Every time you look like getting hurt, take it ‘em down, hold ‘em down and do very little… BORING…
    Seriously he wouldn’t last 20 seconds with Fedor.

    jimmy, do your parents know you’re on the computer on your own ?

  9. BL improves a lot. He was patient on the ground and is real quick for someone that big. But i don’t think he’s ready for Fedor yet. Fedor maybe smaller but he can knock your head off with his punches and is even faster than BL. Maybe in 3-4 more fights BL can contend for the belt. BL jujitsu is just good enough to conbtrol and get out of trouble right now, but not to the point that he can use it to finish his opponent. BL must worked so hard to get this much better and that made me his fan.

  10. Man that fight was all Lesnar. Herring’s gonna wake up and walk into walls cause of his eyes being swollen shut. We all know Lesnar can G & P, now all he needs to learn is some submission moves, then there is no doubt he will be the future heavy weight champ, and retain it for quite a while!

  11. Brocko needs to learn some submissions. Herring hasn’t beaten anyone lately.Lets see Lesner hang out on Fedor’s back like that!

  12. Ummm Herrig hasn’t beaten anyone of late…. He just beat Cheick Kongo at UFC 82. many are saying Kongo will be Lesnar’s next opponent.

    Face it Lesnar forced Herring into a defensive postition and kept him there. That is why former NCAA wrestlers do well in UFC, Matt Hughes, Randy Couture etc. etc. are so good.

    Remember Couture’s last fight? He kept Gonzaga in the clinch and dirty boxed him to a decision. What was so different in the Lesnar fight? Lesnar kept Herring on his stomach bringing in powerful knees to the body of Herring and hammer fists to his head.

  13. Brock’s behaviour after the match was perhaps not the most sportsmanlike, but the way Herring talked about Lesnar before their fight, he pretty much had it coming.

  14. ukno i wanna see BL go against tim silvia that would be cool to see tim against a wrestler like randy with the size. BL has to cut weaght to make 265 he walks around at 280 so there would be no size advantage for tim

  15. Very impressive win for Brock. Very good ground and pound, his stand up game was more than adequate (for the brief moments he actually stood up), and excellent wrestling technique. He completely dominated a very good veteran in Herring. If Lesnar actually had a submission game the fight probably wouldn’t have even gone to a decision. Any one who thinks Lesnar is ready for Fedor is a goddamn idiot. Any one who is comparing Lesnar to Kimbo Slice is also a goddamn idiot. Brock Lesnar is nowhere near competing for the heavyweight title, but this impressive victory undoubtedly puts Lesnar on the radar.

  16. to the dude who said it wasnt worth the celebration dance afterwards, come on man, this was the first fight after people told him he doesnt belong. he destroyed homeboy and clowned him for the last 2 rounds. time will tell but damn. he killed it

  17. The only heavy weights that will be able to takeout Lesnar are the ones with very skilled submission games (a la Frank Mir and Antonio Nogueiro), or fighters who can match his power and athleticism (there isn’t a fighter that does right now). Nogueira would beat him as of now and so would Mir. Aside from that nobody in the UFC heavy weight division will beat him.

  18. WOW! Brock is one strong SOB. Maybe with a few more years of training he will be the man. We will have to wait and see.

  19. Brock yeah did show disrespect towards the end. Hwever if uve just had all he critics n fans of ufc counting u out becuz of ya ackgroun witout gvin u a chance. When u win like dat. Dominating in ur 3rd fight against Crazy Horse u will kinda get over excited n rub it inth critics face. I tink it was ment to be a statment to the critics than actual disrespect to Herring. Just think he got over excited n did it in a bad way. m sure ashe wins the critics over hell become a more respectful fighter. He deserves as much chance as any other MMA fighter. His fight against Herring just proves he can do serious damage standing up. HOwever being at his home city im sure thateven though standing u would av been more entertaining n he probbly would av fiished the fight. Hed rather make sure he got the win for his fans by stickin to what he knows best.

  20. Brock Lesnar had every right to mock Heath at the end. It was confirmed that Heath was complaining he didn’t want to fight Lesnar because he thought he was inexperienced and not worthy. Lesnar’s camp heard of this and this is why he was mocking Heath. Cut him some slack, it’s his second UFC fight and first UFC win. I’m sure you would all be happy enough to do a little dance. He said it himself, with more training he will get better.

    As far as the Kimbo Slice vs Brock Lesnar thing, it’s a one sided fight. Kimbo Slice is a Brawler. Brock Lesnar is a Brawler and a Wrestler. Brock Lesnar outweighs Kimbo by atleast near 30lbs and is stronger then Kimbo. There is no reason Brock Lesnar cant man handle Kimbo like he did with Heath. Especially since Heath is 10lbs bigger then Kimbo Slice.

    Props to Heath for staying in for 3 rounds, I thought the doctors were gonna stop it because his eye is apparently swollen shut now.

    I’d like to see a Frank Mir / Brock Lesnar rematch though.

  21. Brock looked great in the fight and hopfully he will go straight to the top!

    Fight I wanna see next that aint gonna happen
    KImbo Slice vs Brock Lesnar

    Fight I wanna see that can happen but not soon.
    Brock Lesnar vs Tim Silvia

  22. Fights i wanna see in order:

    Brock vs. Gonzaga
    Brock vs. Nogeria
    Brock vs. Mir (rematch)
    Brock vs. Fedor

    *I dont think we will ever see him fight Coture as Coture WILL lose to Fedor and will most likely retire therafter as he should.

    **** Dream Match that will probably NEVER Happen***
    For the very BEST pound for pound fighter on the planet!!!

  23. Brock did alright …. the only highlight was the big punch right @ the start. Other then that it was a overall boring fight…. He will be a force one day but as of now …. losing to frank mir … and holding herring down all fight nothing spectacular. 1-1 in the ufc and his one win wasnt by Ko. Lets hope for some knockouts for Brock in the future.

  24. It’ll be a long time before we see another Fedor, because Fedor’s most devastating weapon isn’t his physical skill. It’s his focus. Focus is the reason a cornered animal is so dangerous, because every fiber of its being is focused to a single end: survival. Fedor brings that into the ring. He’s another level, mentally, when he fights, and the bigger the challenge, the more focused he becomes.

    If Lesnar improves his submissions and striking ability, he might become a HW version of Chuck Liddell. Right now, he’s only got explosive strength and a great takedown. But he’s gonna need more than lay-n-pray if he’s gonna be champ.

  25. Brock becomes much smarter, it will be a good match between him and Gonzaga. However, he wouldn’t stand big chance in front of Nogeria….Fedor? I don’t think there will be such match since Brock has a great support and many fans in UFC but maybe not in Affliction.

  26. MMAAAN said
    “Brock Lesnar had every right to mock Heath at the end. It was confirmed that Heath was complaining he didn’t want to fight Lesnar because he thought he was inexperienced and not worthy. Lesnar’s camp heard of this and this is why he was mocking Heath. Cut him some slack, it’s his second UFC fight and first UFC win. I’m sure you would all be happy enough to do a little dance. He said it himself, with more training he will get better.”

    That mock was awesome. I agree disrespectful, but complaining about fighting someone with less experience and not being WORTHY enough to get in the octagon with you AND THEN be dominated…that was rather ironic, lol. A win is a win, and judges decided that lesnar won ALL THREE rounds…wtf else do you BL hating fans want? It is nice to see someone with charisma and it was his hometown. He was just entertaining the crowd(the mic grab). He was soooo booed on his first match(UFC) because of where he came from. Everyone wanted to see him fail…well he did. Then he comes and does a 180 and dominates this match, although I agree it wasn’t entertaining with submissions or anything. I read somewhere that lesnar will be up against Kongo for his next fight. That should be interesting….

  27. Alright who would everybody (realisticaly) want to see the Big BL fight next!???

    The rumors right now are either Gonzaga or Kongo.
    Since Herring beat Kongo and Lesnar just beat Herring…i hope they feed Gonzaga to Lesnar next!

  28. dude its too bad mirko Kro Kop left and fedor is not there, nor randy they would all be worth watching fight brock but wacthing frank mir, minatauro and Gonzaga just doesnt seem as exciting as the others

  29. yea don seeing as heath herring isn’t a real mma fighter……………..i mean the guys only fought the best 2 heavyweights in the world in his career in fedor and nog…yea…heath herrings a total bum…………………………..not a real mma fighter at all…………………….

  30. WOW…..So he’s the man now cause he landed one punch and just sat on herring the whole fight? I am not impressed by the guy at all yet, hes just a big idiot like tim sylvia and bob sapp…and the fact that he started celebrating before the fight was over and laughed at herring when it ended shows how much of a WWE clown he still is. Put him against anyone with a solid jiu-jitsu background (like Mir) and Lesnar’s done. I mean come on he sat on herring the whole fight…any guy that size and that weight can do that. Yeah give herring credit for survivng or w/e but he should be ashamed for getting caught so badly with that punch and to answer your comments vulcon on, just because herrings fought the best doesnt make him a great mma fighter…he could of won against nogs but he didn’t he sat back. the guys a mixed bag he could look like the next heavyweight champ in one fight and then look like a confused newbie the next. No way do I consider him a top MMA fighter.

  31. Leon on August 10th, 2008 at 12:39 pm

    Remember Couture’s last fight? He kept Gonzaga in the clinch and dirty boxed him to a decision. What was so different in the Lesnar fight? Lesnar kept Herring on his stomach bringing in powerful knees to the body of Herring and hammer fists to his head.

    Couture did not win by decision, he finished the fight

  32. I think Lesnar looked better in this fight. He was under control the whole time, unlike the last fight. Although he was under control I think the reason he didn’t got for the submit was because of what happened in his last fight. He knew that he won so whats the point in risking a loss. Just my opinion but that’s what it seemed like to me.

  33. sighs…gongshow1 i never said he was great…i was just saying he is a real mma fighter..someone had said he wasn’t a real mma fighter..and i was just pointing out he was..where did i ever make the statement that he was great???..where did i ever make the statement he was even a top 15 fighter??? im just saying the man is legit..he is no bum..but i guess it wont matter who brock lesnar beats…everyone is gonna hate on him..give the man his damn credit

  34. And to Gongshow:

    Even Mir admitted the only reason he beat Lesnar was because Lesnar made a mistake early. And even Mir was on the ropes until that mistake was made. There is no proof to support your claim at all.

  35. And before saying he’s arrogant, you should watch the interview. He doesn’t do anything other than say what happened and that he is going back to train harder.

    But you know, I like getting the facts before running my mouth.

  36. I think the power in stand up and ground n pound of lesner is a force to look out for,but it’s all he has right now, his arms and legs are way too big to ever be moderatly good at bjj. and if any one can get past his wrestling and strength,how the F is he gonna submit them. His size limits some tools that make you more well rounded in mma, I don’t know but that might get him into trouble sooner or later. We have seen some of the best deal with size and strength pretty well with a properly executed strategy.(fedor and coture for example).

  37. brock lesnar is such a huge guy and hes so fast. give this guy another year and he will be unstoppable .. good on heath for hanging in there but lesnar dominated the whole fight. lesnar may not be fighting an exciting style the whole time, but hes fighting smart. hopefully you haters have some self respect and will some day eat your words and give lesnar some respect.

  38. To all the brock haters, give credit where credit is due. Brock fought 3 fighters much more experienced than he is and dominated them all even thou he lost to mir cause of a rookie mistake. If brock isn’t as good, then why always mention “fedor” as the only guy to beat him? Fedor isnt the only MMA fighter, yet thats the main opponent you could think of who “has” a chance against brock.
    By mentioning Fedor you are “unknowingly” admitting how good brock is and how much better he will be.I do disagree on how he started celebrating before the fight ended (imagine heath catches him with a submition and wins with seconds left? cause thats all it takes)and I dont mind fighters being cocky but not in a disrespecful way. Also, brock shakes heaths hands after the fight and then starts dancing the rodeo and laughts at heath right after.That didnt make sense. Hopefully brock changes his ways after seeing his fight on tv.I still wanna see him on top.

    p.s Please dont mention guys like bj penn fighting brock. You only see that on WWE(remember!)

  39. I’m pretty sure Kimbo will teach him to be a sportsman after he whoops his butt and then kimbo goes up to him to help him up!!! That will be a GREAT fight! 2 HUGE guys, relative new to the MMA world, with big hearts and tremendous power…even though I believe Kimbo will knock him out with ONE shot….Then again, that’s my opinion!

  40. Im impressed with how far Brock has come in such a short time, his power was insane, his agrssiveness was superb, however the one thing i think really sucked about his performance was the mocking and taunting in the cage. He needs to leave that in WWE, the cage is about fighting not about showmanship.all crap talking stops before stepping into the cage. I want to see Brock go very far in the UFC, but he needs to become a fighter not a WWE entertainer. I would give to see Kurt Angle come to UFC, I would give my eye teeth to seem him knocked out in the cage!

  41. oh and what are you guys talking about, he was so on that match the knees wow, the control in mount his position was intense. He really stepped up this time just the taunting, man that sucked

  42. Brock Lesner has a lot to learn about MMA. He won and I’ll give him that, although his cocky attitude at the end just ended up making him look even more pathetic. The fact is, it was a bad matchup. Anyone who can claim Lesner is going to be the best heavyweight in UFC, just from him beating Herring – who hasn’t been doing all that well anyway – is probably going to be wrong.

  43. With more training i think he will turn in to a great fighter. I watch this fight and a see a man who has to set there and think about what he is about to do then just reacting to what he is given. Now they mad i big deal about him not putting hooks in but with his years of wreslting you could see it come out. With his side he was not a hooks wreslter he would keep going to side postion and control hands. With more training he will because a well rounded fighter but thats still along time away.

  44. Brock def. needs to get his **** straight. I understand it was his 1st win and he was excited, but he should act like a **** adult. (Pushing him after round 1, spanking him, then to point and laugh at the end.) come on Lesnar, at least try to be professional about it. He is going to be a dominant force in the UFC though, he went 106-5 in his collegiate wrestling career. The dude is def. an athlete. He has that Bob Sapp power that overwhelms opponents, but unlike Sapp, Lesnar has tremendous cardio and some actuall MMA talent to go with being a monster. I think he’ll destroy some big names, and Dana White will probably make sure he doesnt act like an *** anymore. (or not b/c of how much $$$ Lesnar will bring to the UFC) They might just let him act an *** every fight. We will see!

    ps.. remember when Sapp tombstoned Nogueria, **** was tight.

  45. i agree with MMAMan, i want to see a Lesnar and Mir rematch. Also a Lesnar and Kongo match would be good, it would be a good challenge for Lesnar.

  46. Nice vids! i’m thankful for that these vids arenot deleted.. ill have to put these vids on my NEW zune… :-) anyways… much to no surprise Heath Herring truly lost and was bound to lose…. Heath had a bit of fat and lots of untrained muscle. Frank Mir only won because of a lousy submission. Everyone knows that in the “Pride/UFC rules” Strikers & boxers win in the long run. Submission is only for a last resort which he had to do to win. And Submission is almost NEVER used in the Heavy weights but in the lighter weights. – I would love to see Mir win again, esp. in a no submission match up against Lesnar. Lesnar would have no problem winning this heavy weight title. Once Frank Mir gains some pounds of pure muscle. He will claim it back. *** Btw – Rampage lost by luck and now hes gone B3sErK!! H0lY M4mA!! Rampage still pawns and lost by a DECISION! sadly he acts like a fugitive…. maybe becuz he is a fugitive…..? hmmmmmmm…

  47. If you watched all 3 of Brocks fights you can see he has come along way but he also has a long way to go still. He has the potential to become the Heavy Weight Champion but it wont be a cake walk. UFC probably has gained a lot of wrestling fans since Brock started fighting for the UFC. With Brocks wrestling background and INSANE strength he is going to be a huge challenge for all heavy weights.

    I can not believe that Herring lasted all 3 rounds. Brock beat the crap outta that dude lol. completely battered his body.

  48. Definitely has a lot of room for improvement. Can you all imagine though? If and when he does get some vision in the cage? Sees all those missed opportunities, comes into his own. If he gets all his tools together…it is gonna be one huge blood pool.

  49. Brock Lesnar is awesome. Its great to see him back in the ring and dominating once again. He is a true Champion. He works hard, and fights harder. I can’t wait to see all of his matches, they are going to be huge.

  50. Brock Lesnar cant be on steriods they test the figthers thats why sean
    sherk lose his title and was suspened for six months

  51. i was at this event and when herring eventually managed to hit brock with a 4 punch combo brock was looking hurt i don’t think brock can take any power punches to the jaw like kimbo slice who also needs to improve alot on his submission skills proof from watching the thompson fight if brock continues to fight this way people will get bored of watching the same fight all the time this fight was a threepeat of past brock fights brutal ground and pound but no submission skills coleman would have been a better opponent for brock

    … and now brock gets a title shot being 1-1 in the ufc and 1 win elsewhere

  52. XXXXL gloves? Brock is the first in MMA history to have that size glove made. Most fighters don’t even get past the normal XL gloves, which are the largest available in the market unless they are special made. LOL

    That should be a sign right there that other MMA fighters are in for some serious trouble. Because of his hand size and strength mixed with wrestling skill, people will have a very hard time dealing with his ability to ride and control people from the top. Not to mention that being hit by a hand that huge is like being hit by a sledgehammer.

    Good luck Couture. You’re going to need it!


  54. fedor took care of sylvia in under 30 seconds at pride 21. sylvia is no longer the class in the ufc heavywieght class which is thin. brock will be the future. he doesn’t need to learn how to submit, just defend agaist it.

  55. You complete tossers, its a ufc fight you do what ever it takes to win. Brock lesnar doesnt give a rats about entertaining you clowns he was doing what it took to win. From the first bell to the last he completely dominated end of story. Oh and he will absolutely roll Mir in a rematch FACT!

  56. He obviously comes from a greco-roman background (not just because of is NCAA………. But his MMA Needs Alot of work. name one smart mma fighter that has someones back that much (in Round 1,2 ect…) and dosent finish with a choke…. Insted he was content to ride thsi guy and just beat on him. also his ability to keep the mount is badddd. Its a shame he didnt’ stay in K-1 were they have more cross class competition so you could see a multi blackbelt jujitsu (in the style of the gracies) latch on to a limb and break this guy. I’m happy for him in beating “The Natural” And I think this guy has the atheletic ability to become something really special. But he really needs more true martial arts backround.

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