Bully Beatdown Season 1 Episode 2 – Vince: The Roommate from Hell

Mayhem shows a tape of Josh and Adam, who are bullied by Josh’s current and Adam’s former roommate Vince, a basketball player. According to Adam, Vince doesn’t pay rent, once threw him out of his own house, and broke his door. Vince accepts the challenge to fight, after initially hesitating. In addition to the money, Mayhem adds the additional stipulation that if Vince loses, he has to move out. He shows up to train at Mayhem’s gym, during which he falls down after kicking Mayhem’s bag, which causes Mayhem to laugh. He shows up to the fight and learns that his opponent will be former NFL wide receiver Michael Westbrook. During the first round, Vince tapped out four times in the first round, and was KO’d in the second round. He apologizes to Adam and Josh after the fight, but says in an interview afterwards that he will not be paying them the back rent, as the $9,000 they have just won will cover it. Adam notes that he will need a new roommate since Vince will be moving out, and asks Josh if he would like to move in with him, which Josh accepts.

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