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Win $600 In Cash By Fantasy Betting On UFC 86

UFC, a UFC/MMA fantasy betting site, is giving away $1000 in cash prizes to the top 3 people who rack up the most fantasy betting points for UFC 86. The first place winner will get $600, the second place winner will get $300, and the third place winner will get $100.

Winners will be chosen based on highest number of points obtained at the end of the event. You get points each time you predict the correct winner of a fight, the round he wins in, and the way he wins in. Predicting the correct winner of a fight will get you 5 points and predicting the correct ending round and the way a fight ends will both get you 3 extra points.

You can also move fights up and down based on importance and certainty. For example, if you’re betting on a 10 fight card, predicting your top fight correct will get you 10 extra bonus points all the way down to 1 extra bonus point for predicting your last fight correct.

Go to the UFC 86 fight card to see the complete list of fights and make your predictions!

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UFC 85 Betting Odds

UFC 85After all the changes done to the UFC 85 fight card, it’s finally complete. Matt Hughes, who is the favorite, will go up against the underdog Thiago Alves in the main event. Hughes is still considered to be the #2 welterweight fighter in the world, so he’s not exactly a pushover. Alves is a very tough fighter who trains hard for every fight, his weakness is that he’s a very slow starter. Hughes will probably be looking to exploit Alves’ slow starting, but you have to remember that Alves is most likely well aware of this and will take his game up a notch in this fight. Another interesting factor in this fight is how seriously Alves’ trains for every fight, we all saw how great he neutralized Karo Parisyan’s judo in their fight, so you have to know that he’s training very hard for Hughes’ wrestling.

Michael Bisping Vs. Jason Day is the co-main event of UFC 85. Bisping is a much better fighter at 185 than 205, although he hasn’t proved it yet with the quality of his opponents at 185 matched up to the quality of his opponents at 205. It’ll be interesting to see how Bisping deals with Day’s strength, and how Day deals with a much more experienced fighter in Bisping. Another factor in this fight is it being a co-main event, we know Bisping has experience being the star of a card, but how will Day’s nerves play with him all of a sudden being the co-main event?

Fabricio Werdum Vs. Brandon Vera is a fight that’s been well talked about. Werdum is coming off a TKO victory over Gabriel Gonzaga and Brandon Vera is coming off a decision loss to Tim Sylvia. Werdum’s main problem in his fight with Gonzaga was the leg kicks, they were brutal and he had a tough time dealing with them. After seeing Werdum’s fight with Gonzaga, the leg kicks have to be a big part of Vera’s strategy, as well as overall striking. Vera’s wrestling and takedown defense is very good. It’ll be very interesting to see how this fight turns out.

Other notable fights on this card are Marcus Davis Vs. Mike Swick and Nate Marquardt Vs. Thales Leites.

This is a very fun card to bet on with lots of possibilities and outcomes, and that’ll make the fights you bet on a lot more exciting.

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UFC 84 Betting Odds

UFC 84BJ Penn is the favorite in his UFC 84 main event fight against Sean Sherk. The obvious factor in this fight will be BJ Penn’s cardio. I think BJ Penn has grown up and learned from his past mistakes and won’t underestimate Sean Sherk, I think we’re going to see BJ Penn in even better shape than he was against Joe Stevenson. Another interesting factor in this fight that no one really talks about is Sean Sherk’s mind, he’s got to be more pumped up and focused than ever from sitting on the sidelines and looking at another fighter hold the championship belt that he believes belongs to him.

Wanderlei Silva Vs. Keith Jardine is another highly anticipated fight. Similar to Sherk, Silva must be more pumped up and focused than ever because of his three consecutive losses. Jardine’s long reach is expected to give Silva a lot of problems, but I’m sure Silva has trained very well for this and learned a lot from his fight with Chuck Liddell, who also had a reach advantage on Silva.

The other fight that a lot of people are looking forward to is Tito Ortiz Vs. Lyoto Machida. Ortiz probably won’t stand with Machida and will go for the takedown within the first few minutes of the first round. It’ll be interesting to see Machida’s takedown defense and his ground strategy in case he does get taken down.

Overall, this is a very stacked fight card that a lot of people are looking forward to. There’s still time to get your bets in, and if you’ve never bet on fights before, betting can often times make watching fights that much more exciting.

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UFC 83 Betting Odds

UFC 83St. Pierre is once again the heavy favorite, this provides for some interesting betting opportunities. Although people are completely writing off Matt Serra, there’s still a possibility he’ll walk away with the win in this second fight, although the chances of him winning again are much lower than the first time. If he does win, people that bet money on him will make a nice profit.

Franklin Vs. Lutter is another interesting fight. A lot of people are overlooking Lutter because he hasn’t done enough to prove himself as a dominant fighter at 185lbs. Lutter is very skilled though and it won’t be an easy fight for Franklin.

There are some other great fights on the card like Michael Bisping Vs. Charles McCarthy. This will be Bisping’s first fight at 185lbs, it’ll be interesting to see what kind of shape he comes in at and if the cut effects his performance.

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