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Legendary Fighters In Muay Thai


Ramon “The Diamond” Dekkers


Dutchman Ramon Dekkers is probably one of the best known European Thai boxers of all time and the first foreigner to be awarded a prize “Muay Thai Fighter of the Year” in Thailand. He has faced in the fights against the best Muay Thai fighters, including Coban, against whom Dekkers fought twice, first time Coban e knocked out in the first round, the next match between the two, however, Coban knocked Dekkers.During his career as a Muay Thai fighter, Dekkers participated in numerous tournaments around the world, winning several championships. Known as an experienced fighter with powerful punches and kicks, with a tendency to constantly compete na their opponents, that’s what makes it one of the largest animals to Thai audiences. Dekkers is an outstanding fighter and one of the few who has won quite Muay Thai champions, including Nangpon Nongeeb Pahuyuth during World Muay Thai Championship in Holland.
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How Mix Martial Arts Affect Childrens

There are many ways in the martial arts can improve the lives of children and
Young people and teach them valuable social skills.

Martial Arts and strengthen self-discipline. Also build respect in vlyatelnite
Personalities and improving children’s health and image of itself. If a child
a problem with focus or fight in school can be very suitable for martial arts
Expenditure, the excess energy of the child and improve concentration. Or if the child
already failed academic and social, martial arts can increase self-esteem
to prove by chance.

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2011 – List of Heavy Weight Fight that be Exciting

If in 2011 things develop as planned, we will see even better, more competitive, high-level matches as of course we used to see in each year since there are mixed martial arts .

Grand Prix of Strikeforce heavyweight , topped headlines in the past, and this week, but the UFC did a good job, tempering the impact with the news that Brock Lesnar and Junior dos Santos will be coaches in the upcoming season 13 of the show The ultimate Fighter , furthermore, was clear and that Shane Carwin will return in June , a battle between Frank Mir and Roy Nelson , and battle Stefan Struve against Travis Browne is scheduled for May.

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10 Hot MMA CHICKS That Can Kick Our Ass

Certainly these girls can get you  through 12 rounds, but will pass in the first round because of their beauty and radiance. They are competitors in mixed martial arts (MMA) to Taekwondo, boxing and Muay Thai. The article is arranged 10 of the most beautiful biyachki. The criteria are clear – sound strikes and murderous look.

Gina Carano
Gina Carano won a reputation as one of the strongest women in Muay Thai. Once the statistics and is 12-1-1 she was invited in 2007 to fight in a big tournament for women in Las Vegas. Won her a unanimous decision. Then becomes invincible and being a MMA fighter with 6 wins and no losses.Gina Carano participated in the reality show Fight Girls. Has a role in transmitting American Gladiators. On May 13, 2008 Gina Carano is the most wanted woman in the Google and third in Yahoo .

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MMA Workout Won’t Make You Look Like Georges St. Pierre


With UFC 129 coming up soon, everyone is getting very excited about seeing Georges St. Pierre take on Josh Koscheck. What we will see on August 30th is two of the best conditioned athletes in any sport clashing in the center of the cage.

One of the most common questions we get, both here at HMF, and myself personally, is, “Will an MMA workout make me look like a fighter?”

Well, the short and simple answer is, no, it won’t, but there are specific reasons an MMA workout won’t give you a fighter’s body.

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10 Highlight Videos Every MMA Fan And Newbie Must Watch

Whether an MMA fan or not, anyone can enjoy a good fight; fighting is something we all grow up with and understand. We at MMA Root have compiled 10 MMA highlight videos everyone should watch. The highlight videos featured in this post were all hand picked to make MMA fans remember why they love this sport so much and make fans out of people who are new to this sport. So let’s get started, shall we?

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7 Biggest “Well Sh!t…I’m F*cked.” MMA Moments

We’ve all been there, something bad is about to happen and you can’t do anything to stop it, all you can do is tell yourself you’re f*cked. Unfortunately for these guys, these moments either left them taking a nap, knocked out, or injured (unless you’re built like a super Samoan or a bear; see #7 and #1). Check out our list of the 7 biggest “Well sh!t…I’m f*cked.” MMA moments below and be glad you’re not one of the guys listed on here.

7.) Mark Hunt

Mark Hunt Vs. Mirko Cro Cop Filipovic

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7 Worst MMA Facial Rearrangements and Bloodbaths

Seeing someone get bruised up and lose some blood in an MMA fight is a given, but sometimes these fighters get hurt more than usual. From cuts to complete facial rearrangements, look through our list of the 7 worst MMA facial rearrangements and bloodbaths and see just how much these fighters put on the line to entertain MMA fans around the world.

7.) Keith Jardine

Keith Jardine

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