12 thoughts on “Chris Lytle Vs. Paul Taylor UFC 89 Video”

  1. Sorry but Lyte did not deserve the win, I think he realizes it too. Taylor countered Lytes offense all night. Taylor also pursed. Bad judging on this one.

  2. haha, you must be blind if you think Lytle lost. He tuned the guy from the bell, judo tossed his ass, rocked the **** outta him in the 3rd, just bullied him against the cage at will and just landed way bigger shots.

  3. the second round was not very definitive and I think Paul Taylor stole the third. It appeared to me as though Paul Taylor would win if the fight went another couple of rounds. I think if I was using the Pride/Dream judging guidelines I would consider giving the fight to Paul Taylor.

  4. Lytle won the fight, but if there had been a round 4 he definitely woulda been down for the count, because Paul Taylor still looked fresh in the 3rd round.

  5. Paul Taylor is amazing!!
    Easily one of the best fighters to come out of England!
    I have to say it was a close one, but, ‘ Light’s Out’ Lytle just managed to eitch out the win.
    The main reason there was some confliction in the air after the fight was because Lytle couldn’t finish Taylor! And, it was England after all.

  6. I liked both fighters very much equal coming into this fight but paul taylor was kicking ass listen to joe guarantee paul landed more shots and lyte took them. paul was aggressive, better striker, and had lots of gas. lyte got tired and was throwing bombs but got some good body shots. Paul Taylor deserves another shot and a big one if anything because I really don’t get how lyte won… one judo throw and body shots and getting rocked the whole time doesn’t win a fight. most ridiculous **** I seen.

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