8 thoughts on “Chuck Liddell Vs. Randy Couture #1 UFC 43 Video”

  1. Randy Couture is definitely a better fighter than Chuck.. Randy is a natural heavyweight and is stronger, better, and faster as a heavyweight. Dropping down to light heavy weight was a bad move for Randy. First of all, he’s 40 years old at that time. When people get older, their muscles get weaker no matter how big and nice they look. Another reason why he lost to Chuck is that at that time he had problems with his X wife. People may say its just Randy’s excuse but whether you like it or not, emotional problems are just as deadly as having fever before a fight. Randy is the real ULTIMATE FIGHTER, he fought Chuck when Tito wouldnt want to fight Chuck . He is fearless,deadly and at the same time a gentleman. Look at Chuck now, his career is going down , he keeps on partying in vegas and drink a lot and as a result, beer belly. Randy is well rounded and disciplined. The only problem is that he’s getting old . Too bad for him, but he is still one of the best. Second to Fedor, but I think Randy can beat Fedor. PEACE!

  2. and this would happen again if they fought for a 4th time. i’m a big fan of chuck, but he doesn’t seem to be able to keep up with the new age of mma.

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