10 thoughts on “Cristiane “Cyborg” Santos Vs. Shayna Baszler EliteXC On CBS Video”

  1. Thanks for posting this, the female fighters are very underated. althou this was a sad day for Shayna. She is by far one of my favorite fighters, and i cant wait to see Cyborg punish Elite XC’s pretty little Gina

  2. Once I saw the name “Cyborg” on the card & saw the fighter was FEMALE, I knew immediately that Carano, Bazler, etc was in for a world of pain. A female Chute Boxe fighter!! I wonder if this girl is married/related to Evangelista Santos..the other Cyborg.

  3. That girl can throw! Really impressive.
    The ref was horrible. That came close to being dangerous. She was done the first time. I don’t want to be debbie downer here but it reminds me of the kimbo fight. When kimbo took 50 shots to the noggin just laying there and it didn’t get called because it seemed like they wanted him to win.

  4. Ref was terrible. That fight could have easily been stopped earlier. She wasn’t out but she wasn’t defending herself. Such inconsistency in these fights. Some fights they let go for too long and others they stop early. It was an awesome fight elitexc has to STOP trying to create their stars.

  5. Carano watch out… IT was a great fight, i can c why it wasn’t stopped earlier. Cyborg was landing a lot to punching but baszler was also defending well even though it was a losing effort. That y Mazagati(i know its wrong spelling) didn’t stop it then.

  6. That was studpid! that fight should have been stoped when cyborg thought she had won. Women should not be fighting. they should be cooking nice food, cleaning, having lots of sex and popping out some babys when there looks start to decline 28+

  7. I like the women fighting they should rip clothes off… Actually I like the girl brawls because of the shorter rounds, they have to go for it. I think the men should fight shorter rounds and just add rounds. I can’t stand when they sit on a move they will never get just to stall. All out brawl because you only have minutes to get your knock out or submission. Last thing I want to see is two guys laying on each other, if anything let the girls take longer so they roll around.

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