14 thoughts on “Dan Henderson Vs. Rousimar Palhares UFC 88 Video”

  1. It’s a slap in theface of Hendo to give him such an unknown and inexperienced fighter. After watching Palhares shoot and pay for it each time THREE TIMES I not only felt a bit of redemption for not seeing Hendo fight a worthy opponent, I became hopeful that people will stop going ape s**t about every Brazilian BJJ fighter that pops up. This will all be settled once Mir submits Nog. Anyway, Henderson vs Marquardt next. Mark my words. THAT will be FOTY.

  2. First of all, I like Mir and I really respect him as a fighter, but Nog is the best BJJ fighter in the world, no question about it. he lives in the shadow of Fedor..thats his curse. hendo should fight r franklin

  3. not too exciting but dan henderson looked solid. i still really like palhares though, awesome jiujitsu. i wanna see him and demian maia fight.

  4. Henderson did a really great job being sneaky on those takedown attempts

    but still i got the feel he got the power to finish the fight way earlier

    anyways WAR HENDO!

  5. somebody call silva so he can come and rock these two fools…what a waste of time, these guys are just card fillers…Id rather watch tank abbott fight butterbean!

  6. Dan Henderson should’ve gotten a better opponent, he’s not a gatekeeper, I’m pretty sure he’s a contender. Just because he lost to two very highly ranked fighters doesn’t mean you’re pushed down to gatekeeper status… I think Hendo should’ve asked for a better opponent.

  7. Awesome matchup,… If things hadnt gone the way they did, Hendo very easily could have lost via submission, but definitely no other way.

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