Dan Miller Vs. Rousimar Palhares Fight Video – UFC 134 Prelim

Palhares opens with a strong kick, but Miller grabs him and nails him with a hard jab. Both men felt each other in the center of the cage. Storms Palhares, but Miller sweeps the ground fighting. Palhares grabs a omaplata back, but Miller is fighting and gets up. Miller continued his with his jab. Palhares gets a great blow that stuns Miller, and Palhares shoots during disassembly. Miller somehow recovered and reverse the disassembly, to finish in first place. Palhares spins out and the fight is a backup. Miller lands a one-two combination buts eats a kick. Miller jumps right hand Palhares wild ducks around. Palhares lands a massive head kick that floors Miller. Palhares Miller is quick and swarms with punches. Palhares suddenly runs off with arms waving in the air in celebration. He thinks that the fight was stopped, but never was. Palhares jumps on top of the fence with his hands raised in victory, but Dean comes over and explains the situation. Strange events. The fight resumes and Miller Palhares stuns with a heavy hand that the floors of the Brazilian right. Miller is quick, but Palhares is reversed and Miller catches a hard shot after the bell rings.


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