Dana White Discussing Broadcast Televised MMA On SportsCenter Video

Dana WhiteVideo of Dana White on SportsCenter giving his view of broadcast televised MMA as well as last night’s EliteXC – Primetime event.

[youtube 4586aWw5xyw Dana White On SportsCenter]

5 thoughts on “Dana White Discussing Broadcast Televised MMA On SportsCenter Video”

  1. that show on cbs was a def joke, was very bad for the sport. not to mention all of the fights seemed RIGGED!!!!

  2. i agree the elite promotion on CBS was horrendous. especially the kimbo fight, which looked very sloppy. also it looked like two thugs in a bar fight and not high skilled athletes fighting.

    I don’t like dana’s football is more violent speech it will be a losing battle.

  3. Instead of having ring girls in between rounds at MMA events they should feed people like Bryan Burwell to lions

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