Dana White On Opie And Anthony Audio

Dana WhiteAudio of Dana White on the Opie and Anthony show talking about Tito Ortiz, Randy Couture, Fedor Emelianenko, the UFC, and more.

4 thoughts on “Dana White On Opie And Anthony Audio”

  1. Anomie fedor hasent fought in like a year so if hes the best heavyweight in the world why is he dodging competition.if he wanted couture he would be in the ufc right now but he’d rather wait till couture gets out of his ufc contract in october…im suprised that fedor accepted the fight with tim silvia for next month.fedor was good in pride…so was dan henderson and cro cop…two fighters that were supose to be the best fighters ever…the only pride veteran that is decent is rampage.i know anderson silva fought there and i know the iceman fought there but the ufc is where they call home.ohhh and shogun was getting killed by forrest.and is it forrest’s fault that shogun couldnt take steriods leading up to the fight….pride was a bunch over grown steroid taking fighters that they dressed up to look good.look at cro cop he got beat by gabriel gonzaga due to lack of roids in his system.ohhh and in case u dont know anomie PRIDE IS DEAD and its not coming back

  2. UFC is the reflect of US: arrogant and no respect, no consideration for fighters.
    I am glad other organisations of mma are getting bigger and bigger. UFC will probably be just a bad memory…

  3. u gotta appreciate danas honesty u wont hear other owners, ceo’s, tell it how he sees it

    hes comical too i dont see why people say hes greedy when your 44 million in the hole then you can talk

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