Dana White Talks Tito Ortiz Signing With Affliction Video

Video of Dana White discussing his thoughts on Tito Ortiz’s rumored signing with Affliction.

9 thoughts on “Dana White Talks Tito Ortiz Signing With Affliction Video”

  1. The problem with Dana White and a lot of these MMA fighters is that they lost one of the top virtues of martial arts: respect. MA was never about making tons of money and signing to this league and that.

  2. so he did not say why he does not like Affliction……It sounds like hejust does not like compitition and Affliction is his biggest yet! And as for Titto….He needs to win his next fight or he will look even more stupid then he already dose!

  3. i have to agree with danna on one thing, mma is a hard business and u shouldnt go over board on your first show. cause this sport is a gamble.

  4. obviously dana doesnt like affliction because hes thinking like a business man. wouldn’t you? a lot of people dont like him because hes making good business decisions. even though its not necessarily what we want, he is making the right choices for his companies.

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