Dana White Talks UFC 87 On Hardcore Sports Radio Audio

Audio of Dana White pumping up Saturday’s UFC 87 event during an interview with Hardcore Sports Radio.

4 thoughts on “Dana White Talks UFC 87 On Hardcore Sports Radio Audio”

  1. paddedummy ifl was going out of buissness and pride did and so he bought the fighters from pride if you knew any thing and you wouldnt know about mma if it werent for dana.

  2. Mmafan, you’re wrong. Simple as that. Dana’s goal is not to make the sport bigger, it’s to make money and use the fighters.
    I say promote smaller fight leagues, that will make the sport larger.

  3. I like DREAM and they have a great lightweight division, one of the best IMO. And I like Affliction because they have the best heavyweight fighters out there. UFC has the best LHW and Welterweights, I’ll admit that.

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