Dana White’s UFC 90 Video Blog For 10/21 (Video)

Dana White talks about the death of ProElite in his second UFC 90 video blog.

11 thoughts on “Dana White’s UFC 90 Video Blog For 10/21 (Video)”

  1. Pretty easy to call him a prick when you don’t have to deal with half the BS he does.

    I’d prefer to thank him for bringing us all the great fights through the years. He’s got a ruff edge but so what. It’s a business and he’s good at it.

    And he’s absolutely right about Pro Elite and Elite XC: good riddance.

  2. I don’t see why he’s hating on Affliction. They actually have good fighters, and a good name, so I don’t understand the disrespect. I understand the hate on a promotion that promoted the **** out of Kimbo Slice(WTF?) but Affliction who has Fedor Emelienko, come on now.

  3. Dana is a smart intellectual type of guy. I can’t believe someone would comment on something so silly as a last name error. It’s not TV, therefore it’s authentic, and I appreciate the flaws that I would normally encounter as if I was talking 1 on 1 with the guy.

  4. i’ve gotta say that i can’t help but like Dana. He talks alot of **** but he has a right to..its a free country. i like the idea of more than one main mma organizations because that ensures that fighters will be paid well but pro elite were obviously in it for the worng reasons. With that said Dana is hilarious, keep up the blogs man i enjoy tuning in. also Dana hates on affliction becuase they are competition its common sense. It would be stupid of Dana to compliment fedor if he is under contract with another fight organization. If fedor ended up in the UFC then i’m sure we would hear Dana talking about how good he is

  5. DANAS FUNNY AS HELL pro elite was garbage liked some of the fighters though. danas a bit scared of the t shrit company aka afliction. 4 one reason very smart man is backing it . trump . so hes a bit worried about that. ufc is the best dana is a asome a hole . i thank him for all the great cards over the years .

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