Dana White’s UFC 90 Video Blog For 10/23 (Video)

Dana White attends the UFC 90 – Silva vs. Cote press conference.

6 thoughts on “Dana White’s UFC 90 Video Blog For 10/23 (Video)”

  1. Hey Dana if you’re reading this post i just wanna say something. at the beginning of things i tough you were an ass for not having heart and making fun of you’re
    competitors but everything you said was true. When i saw you’re post and you talked about how bad they f***** up the sports and the angry look you gave the reporter makes me feel that you really love the sport like all the die-hards and you’re not in it for the money. i like that fact that you’re straight to the point and no b.s. and you don’t back down when they come with the question. As far as all does reporters twisting you’re words and trying to make it look like you were making fun of the people that lost their jobs, they can go f*** them selfs. f***** reporters always try to twist s*** around and make every one look bad.

    Woman MMA i have to admit is really cool watching 2 chicks go at it. sometimes is even better then the dudes. if woman fight like that all the time i would pay for the PPV event. so even if you don’t want woman in the UFC i suggest to start up another leage like the WEC with just woman and do another ultimate fighter show with just the girls. i know i would tune in just to watch this chicks go at it.

    specially the drama in the house.. oooo man. pure gold. (the show yould air on A&E)

    thanks Dana for all the great shows and keep up the video updates..

  2. here goes cashville with his typical “why dont you marry” comments…whats the matter?? did it take you half the day to read it ?? and wheres your boyfriend clint ?? ducking fickhead !!!

  3. **** that man, i love watchin the ladies duke it out. women can compete if they want. i grew up in the same town as sarah kaufmann here fights are sweet

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