5 thoughts on “Dana White’s UFC 91 Video Blog For 11/9 (Video)”

  1. Mr Dana White, i’ve rarely watched any large scale entrepreneur possess a lifestyle as enviable and enjoyable as yours. As far as i am concerned a man’s wealth is his family. And a man’s power and success is measured through his happiness and equally undeniable progress in his business life. Watching this is a breath of fresh air. As a huge fan of the sport and an entrepreneur myself I hope to cross paths some day as it would be a great life and learning experience. Many of the people reading this care simply about one aspect of this sport. The fights and the excitement around it. I am fascinated with the whole spectrum of what has become the UFC. **** what a brand..

    Best Regards from Europe,
    Guy Baruch

  2. Dana is a badass says what everyone is thinking but won’t say, puts together great fights no hold backs puts everyone out there to make or break it. Here is a prize for one of your contests hang with Dana for a day. now that would be cool.

    Thanks for all the entertainment

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