2 thoughts on “Denis Kang Vs. Gegard Mousasi Dream.2 Video”

  1. What are your views on MMA? I’m a martial aritst who’s been training for over 20 years. I think MMA is a fantastic format for training. Instead of limiting yourself to one way , open the field up for honest experimentation. Does technique X work as advertised? The best way to find out is to take it out of a limited environment and test it in hard-contact, limited rules sparring against someone who doesn’t know that technique X is supposed to make them react a certain way. Do you think it’s misleading the TRUE meaning of Martial Arts? No. The true meaning of martial arts is to give you skills that you can use to defend yourself. Any other benefit is just a bonus, and any other TRUE meaning is the result of popular culture. I mean, more than 50% of those so-called MMA fighters aren’t even trained from dojos. This is incorrect. Though they may not all carry the title dojo , because it only pertains to Japanese martial arts, they are trained in true places of the way , even if they go by Western names such as gym or school. These are places dedicated to perfecting one’s physical and mental skills. Their particular way of fighting is explored in-depth, just as it would be with any Japanese dojo. And i don’t even know if i should name it Martial Arts, because imo they’re sports, just like boxing is. Sports and martial arts have coexisted since time immemorial. The earliest martial arts in places like India, China, and Japan were forms of wrestling. Modern martial arts such as Kendo and Judo exist almost entirely in a competitive format. Even T’ai Chi has competitions. Just because something has a sporting aspect to it doesn’t mean it isn’t a martial art.

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