Donald Trump Talks Affliction On Howard Stern Video

Donald Trump was on the Howard Stern Show to discuss Affliction and had some interesting things to say about Fedor Emelianenko.

Donald Trump With Fedor Emelianenko and Tim Sylvia

[youtube MPyeddJGz0A Donald Trump Talks Affliction On Howard Stern]

2 thoughts on “Donald Trump Talks Affliction On Howard Stern Video”

  1. Trump is such a douche, as if he doesn’t make enough money with real estate he now has some infomercial where he tries to sell you his secrets on how to become wealthy. Secret #1, win the sperm lottery and have a father who is already in real estate,lol. Total rip off. He claims he will be giving seminars in different areas and when you show up it is some other guy there doing a sales pitch trying to charge you an arm and a leg for “the real seminar” which will take place at later date. It’s a shame that fighters have to deal with sleazy, con artist A-holes like Trump, King, Shaw and White to make a living.

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