27 thoughts on “Dong Hyun Kim Vs. Matt Brown UFC 88 Video”

  1. Yo Brahim it’s not total bullshiet. They score it round by round. Yes in the second round Brown completely dominated, but the first round went to Dong. It was up to the judges to decide whether or not the last round went to who, they don’t look at the overall fight, just round by round. And in my opinion, when it’s a split decision I never really like it because it just doesn’t seem fair that one opinion can completely change the outcome of the fight.

  2. How in the world do they both have the same reach. It looks like Dong’s arms are double the size of Browns. I think Brown is just a tough guy… that fight doesn’t show me he has lots of skill… those uncalculated spin punches were stupid.

  3. close azz fight. i think brown should’ve won that one. Luckily he got cut at the end which i think cause the judges to lean toward dong.

  4. Although I am a fan of Kim, I think that he relies too much on Judo and elbows which it seem Brown and his coaches prepared for pretty well (However, that guillotine choke in the first round was pretty close). He has to develop his boxing techniques. When he does punch he relies on his cocked arm too much rather than leading with jabs. I think if trains harder in that respect, he will be a more effective fighter.

  5. Kim said he would give an exciting fight after he defeated Tan. I didn’t see that fight. Whoever says I’m an idiot or some other name because I didn’t think it was exciting, piss off!

    Did the UFC give Kim an easy win in Tan? I like Kim but he sucked tonight. It should have been a draw or even a win for Brown who impressed me tonight.

  6. Hopefully Kim learns from this fight. He looked kind of gassed in the second and third round. And I think Brown would’ve won the fight had it not been for that cut at the end. I don’t think top control gave more points because Brown had dominated him more than that, but that cut from the elbow meant that Brown would’ve been in trouble had the round be given more time. So 1st and 3rd to Dong. Man Brown should’ve avoided being takin down that third round, he could’ve won unanimous decision.

  7. matt brown won or it should have been a draw. brown did way more damage hands down socore it by punchs and browns wins. but the cut did not help if brown would have spot that last take down before the elbow that cut him he would have won for sure ……….bull shi&

  8. If you fight Dong. Would you want him to be on top or behind you?
    I would take whatever long Dong gives me. Hes da best!!!

  9. I would say that was a close fight. Dong did have more control in 1st and 3rd. He was so gassed, Im supprise he got as tired as he did.

    He stomped Jason Tan in his last fight. He was pretty ruthless with his judo throws and elbows but not much in this fight.

  10. Anyone who has fighting experiencing can tell Kim won this fight but very closely. Too many delusional computer nerds who’s angry because white man didn’t win the fight.

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