Dream.5 Lightweight Grandprix 2008 Final Round Preview Video

Video preview for the July 21st Dream.5 Lightweight Grandprix 2008 Final Round event.


3 thoughts on “Dream.5 Lightweight Grandprix 2008 Final Round Preview Video”

  1. Japanese fighters DO suck and they suck BADLY. Every event in Japan, the Japanese fighters fight the other Japanese fighters because the promoters know that “their” fighters don’t stand up to even the low-grade, non-Japanese fighters. It’s so obvious. Aoki sucks. Gomi sucks. Chonan is decent, but still not great. The problem is these f’n Japanese promoters want the Japanese public to believe that the Japanese fighters are as good as the foregn fighters, but they just don’t measure up. Maybe they lack heart. Maybe they lack creativity or strong chins or power, or maybe it’s a combination of all of the above. Why do you think Aoki is ducking Faber? Why do you think Gomi is scared to fight in the US. Japnese fighters SUCK. Plain and simple.

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