Dream.6 Preview Video

HDNet Fights hypes up the September 23rd DREAM.6 Middleweight Grandprix 2008 Final Round event.

7 thoughts on “Dream.6 Preview Video”

  1. I don’t think Jacare has a chance, he can’t strike for sh*t. It’s either Manhoef or Mousasi. If Manhoef can keep away from Mousasi’s sub game he’ll KO then win the whole thing.

  2. I think Manhoef might win this thing. He got hurt by that first guy and almost lost, but after watching him against Sakuraba, I think he’s got a huge chance to win.

  3. I believe it’s gonna be either Manholf or Jacre, they are both much more aggresive.
    And between Manholf and Jacre, it only depends on how hard Manholf can successfully damage Jacre in a short amount of time. Cause the take down of Jacre is for sure gonna happen, and if it happens early then Jacre is much more likely gonna win.

  4. I think a lot of people underestimate Zelg Galesic just because they haven’t seen much action from him in his two previous bouts. However, he hasn’t been properly tested yet and I’m sure he could go the distance.

    He’ll make it into the finals definately and he’s my favourite to win the tournament. The way I see it playing out is Galesic and Manholf in the finals. Then in the finals Galesic will beat Manholf on a longer reach and endurance.

    But, this is MMA and anything can happen at any second. I’m really looking forward to the fight night.

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