13 thoughts on “Drew McFedries Vs. Mike Massenzio UFC Fight Night 15 Video”

  1. lol if mcfedries knew anything about mma mike massenzio would be tapping already. nice kimora though, dont see those too often.

  2. Made Jerz proud man! Drew never saw this one coming but he had his head in the clouds. but we all knew you would go out there and make us proud. Congrats to you Massenzio, your school, joe s., trainers and your gorgeous fiancé mellissa

  3. Great Job Mike! We know you worked real hard to get here and we hold no hard feelings what so ever. Congrats to you Mike Massenzio, your wife Mellisa, and your school and new trainers. Best of luck for a succesful future!

  4. Yes Mike we are very proud of you. Always have been and always will be since day one. We may not share the same blood but you’ll always be my brotha. Good Luck in the future with the fighting, your school, and your fiancĂ© Mellisa.

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