EliteXC Heat Betting Odds

Betting odds for Saturday night’s EliteXC – Heat event featuring a main event fight between Kimbo Slice and Ken Shamrock.

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Main Event

Kimbo Slice -325 Ken Shamrock +250

Co-Main Event

Jake Shields -550 VS. Paul Daley +350

More Fights

Andrei Arlovski -500 VS. Roy Nelson +300
Gina Carano -825 VS. Kelly Kobald +525
Murilo Rua -265 VS. Benji Radach +205

*As of 10/01/2008*
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18 thoughts on “EliteXC Heat Betting Odds”

  1. its not kimbos fault hes fight losers. elite xc does not have many hw retard. if he was in the ufc he have better oppents plus kimbo still has lots to learn. give him time. unless your a black poor person hated. hes got cash now.. point is if your not from brazil people will hate you thats bs

  2. Ken Shamrock is being underrated for this fight. Ken Shamrock has lost to great opponent lately Tito Ortiz and Rich Franklin. Kimbo is not in their league. Ken’s weakness is the ground game which Kimbo lacks. It is going to be a good fight, but I give the edge to Ken Shamrock. Ken is going to put Kimbo to sleep.

  3. ICEMAN88… Seriously buddy kimbo would get destroyed in the UFC… Kimbo is past his prime already.. Give him time? **** he will be rolling over 40 soon enough… No way he will ever be successful in MMA. Your an Idiot.

  4. everybody says kimbo dis kimbo dat i just wish they give kimbo to arlovski who is fighting on the same card and kimbo would get knocked out so dat everybody would shut up about him ***** plz

  5. Why talk crap about kimbo or any fighter. Sit back and enjoy the fight. I doubt any of you could stand up to him. Ken is good kimbo is a good stand up guy working on his ground skills. I think its interesting. Does it matter where he used to fight. Anderson silva work at a Mc donalds drive thru in Brazil lol stop being idiot and enjoy the ass kicking.

  6. Kimbo’s only 34 +/-

    He’s been training with Bas, and has a keen interest in the sport.

    Do you recall what some of the early UFC fighters were like?!

    I say give him a chance, see him win, see him lose. He’s building his record with high profile. So?!

  7. YA CRYMORE YOUR THE RETARD kimbo is only 34 not 40 plus and is in great shape for a guy who was just smoke blunts 1 year ago and probaly still does. hes a bad ass dude who will ko guys like arloski id love to see that sh!t just to shut up the kimbo haters. and kimbo does not have sex for weeks and weeks before his fights . think about that would make anyone mean as hell. look at tito fu#ki$g jenna has mad him soft as hell. GO KIMBO KO 2 OR 3 MORE PEOPLE AND SOME BIGGER NAME AND DANNA WILL BE FORCED DO BRING HIM OVER . AND DANNA DOES NOT LIKE KIMBO . BUT KIMBO FILLS SEAT JUST LIKE LESNER. LESNER IS GAY PZ go randy

  8. crymore was right. you are an idiot. Arlovski vs Kimbo. Dont insult andrei like that. He’ll mop the floor with Kimbo real talk.

  9. Lol iceman……… Elite XC is protecting Kimbo. He brings fans and they know if they match him up to someone decent…. He would get his ass beat up… Starting MMA at the age of 34?? Seriously most MMA champions are in the early or maybe late 20’s. The MMA fighters these days have been training since their teens and know many different martial arts skills. We all know Kimbo can throw a punch and he is a tough “STREET FIGHTER” .. He is not a well rounded MMA fighter and never will be.. I can’t wait until Kimbo gets his ass beat… So all you Kimbo fan boys can STFU.

  10. you make a great points i agree but arloski could not take kimbo to the ground and kimbo would ko him out if it saty on his feet. bas is looking after kimbo bas knows theres a champ i kimbo. if bas see something good than i see something good.

  11. Man it has been said but I will say it again, elite xc is a rigged up peice of **** organization trying desperately to make a quick buck. Putting together the worst fights of all ******* time and rigging fights to make certain ppl shine, such as Kimbo. Put him up against someone worth a **** and watch him get owned! I wish someone like Mir or Vera or just anyone up in the UFC ranks would fight him just to show the bandwagon dumb asses that he is not on the level of todays real MMA fighters. Its just making a stupid spectical of the sport, taking away from its validity and hard work or true MMA practitioners.

  12. I just saw a a show where scientists had Chris Bird take physical tests when he boned his wife the night before and he did better than when he didn’t so don’t turn down gash because you are training for a fight becuase it will actually decrease your chances of winning. That no sex before a fight because it’s bad for your legs thing is an old bs myth. So in case anyone wasn’t sure yet that proves Kimbo is a retard

  13. after reading all your point …. i admit that iam wrong kimbo does suck well hes ok. but ya your right. i just watch sean gannon kick his ass. its was sad. and at 43 old dogs can’t learn new tricks

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