11 thoughts on “Eric “Butterbean” Esch Vs. Wesley Correira K-1 World GP 2008 Video”

  1. Whatever dude, have you ever seen butterbean punch somebody. it doesn’t look fun at all. First you’d probably have to survive a couple blows to the face before you could kick him in the stomach, and i doubt you’d do much damage considering he probably gets kicked in the stomach on a daily basis!!

  2. Butterbean is the man but people dont know that he is like 45 years old, he isnt the same as the guy in highlights, he is still the man though

  3. timberrrrrrr, i kept telling myself if cabbage would throw a high kick it would be over. i got to give it up to him he still has the heart to fight at his age, but man this is the biggest i’ve seen him ever.

  4. This fight was a total joke. going in to a fight in that condition shows a clear lack of respect to your opponent. I’m sure he still has knock out power but being so incredibly fat makes him incredibly slow. his hands would get there quicker if he mailed them. He has no business fighting in K1. good on the other guy for kicking him in the head.

  5. all cabbage had to do was push him over, not like he can get off the ground in 8 seconds without a forklift. hope the ref had greenpeace’s number on speed dial in case thigs went bad.

  6. Was it just me, or is butterbean starting to look a lot like Jaba The Hut?? He was good at one point, but i think its time to give it up!!

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