ESPN MMA Live Episode 20 (Video)

This 20th episode of MMA Live features talk of Anderson Silva’s rumored retirement, Fedor Emelianenko’s NYE return to Japan, the conclusion of Tuesday’s Dream.6 middleweight grand prix and last Saturday’s Strikeforce event from the playboy mansion.

5 thoughts on “ESPN MMA Live Episode 20 (Video)”

  1. gret show……….. but does anyone no what happened to the teago silva lyotot machdia fight its been pulled from ufc 89 and it also is not on the ufc 90 fight card either to me that was the best fight coming up beside lense couture. whats the hell . why is this fight pulled is it going on ufc91 card???????.. and can some one plz post the whole seasons of this years tuff show

  2. the machida and silva fight because silva was injured during training so not sure if that match is going to still be on later after maybe fifteen fights between both? but yeah that fight cancelled.

  3. Silva / Machida will be UFC 93 in January. Machida is gonna murder him, Silva’s had no real competition in the UFC yet people think he’s the s**t!! Ridiculous.

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