ESPN MMA Live Episode 22 (Video)

This 22nd episode of MMA Live features talk of Kimbo Slice Vs. Seth Petruzelli, Tito Ortiz’s appearance at EliteXC – Heat and Georges St. Pierre’s acting career.

2 thoughts on “ESPN MMA Live Episode 22 (Video)”

  1. Thank’s for the post!
    I’m a big Frank Mir fan & Kenny’s no joke either, but, I remember watching the ‘Pitbull’ vs ‘Big Country’ fight.
    At first i thought the stand up was premature. But when i watched again CLOSELY, i noticed that Roy Nelson lost the Kimura & only then did the ref stand both fighters up.
    No desrespect to Frank or Kenny, but i’m sure the ref warned/instructed Roy to improve his position more than twice whilst Roy was holding onto a Kimura (which didn’t seem to be going anywhere) & that’s were the stand up came from. So from the Ref’s perspective it’s a good call.

    Actually the Ref in my mind was so susceptible to the audience that the whole fight on the ground at the point was a bit of a joke.

    Hell the whole Elite XC promotion seems like a bit of a joke.!!

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