ESPN MMA Live Episode 24 (Video)

This 24th episode of MMA Live features a recap of last weekend’s UFC 89 – Bisping vs. Leben event and a preview of this Saturday night’s UFC 90 – Silva vs. Cote event.

7 thoughts on “ESPN MMA Live Episode 24 (Video)”

  1. Bonnar should get a job in broadcasting when he is done fighting, he showed up in a nice suit, he was upbeat and articulate like a pro and he didn’t sound drunk like Macneil.

  2. great show like bonner on the show 4 the week . i was wonder who was gonna replace ken flo. great choice with bonner . fighters i hope to is back in work are jake shilds robby lawler antoin sliva bret rogers. mabe scott smith at 170 . and i quess the nice guy at the start of the show felt bad for him . and carlos conivc

  3. Yeah I always thought Macneil doesn’t know sh*t about MMA and talks funny too. Do you see Bonnar not look at him once when he talks even when Macretard tappd him on the arm and Bonner seems to be laughing inside,same w/Florian he always seems to be in disagreement w/this putts and love Kenny for not ripping this guy apart like I would.Fire Macretard and hire me ESPN. I got a cool name!!

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